technology and resources needed to meet rising energy demand Technology and resources needed to meet rising energy demand

09:36 | 24/11/2014

By providing expertise and access to advanced technologies in the oil and gas industry, US industrial conglomerate GE has backed up its strong commitment to its company-to-country partnership with Vietnam. Linh Mai reports.

ges hi tech supports vietnams burgeoning aviation industry GE’s hi-tech supports Vietnam’s burgeoning aviation industry

09:47 | 27/10/2014

The world’s largest producer of jet engines, GE Aviation, is fostering a strong alliance with Vietnam Airlines and VietJet Air. ...

ges innovative technology reinforces vietnams energy security GE’s innovative technology reinforces Vietnam’s energy security

09:01 | 13/10/2014

Following the success of previous energy projects implemented in Vietnam in recent decades, US industrial conglomerate GE has pledged to ...

ge vice chair talks aec advantages GE vice chair talks AEC advantages

09:08 | 29/09/2014

Set to begin on December 31 next year, the ASEAN Economic Community is expected to further remove trade barriers and ...

ge turbines selected for tay nguyen wind farm GE turbines selected for Tay Nguyen wind farm

By By Hoang Anh 14:31 | 24/09/2014

GE and HBRE Wind Power Company Ltd. (HBRE) yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in developing the Tay ...

ge and hanoi university of science and technology collaborate on science technology and nuclear engineering GE and Hanoi University of Science and Technology collaborate on science, technology and nuclear engineering

By By Hoang Anh 12:47 | 23/09/2014

The US’ GE and Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) today signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on their ...

ge participates in asean csr day GE participates in ASEAN CSR day

By By Linh Mai 12:53 | 25/08/2014

Together with GE member companies in other ASEAN countries, GE Vietnam took part in one of the largest of the ...

ge appoints new gm for 110 million haiphong plant GE appoints new GM for $110 million Haiphong plant

By By Hoang Mai 08:05 | 11/08/2014

US industrial conglomerate GE last week announced the appointment of Vu Thu Trang as its new general director for the ...

vietjet air buys ge engines for 800 mln Vietjet Air buys GE engines for $800 mln

10:49 | 20/12/2013

Vietnamese budget carrier Vietjet Air (VJA) has signed another agreement to buy GE (General Electric) & Snecma engines in a ...

vietnam airlines signs a big contract with ge Vietnam Airlines signs a big contract with GE

10:08 | 29/10/2013

A contract to buy 40 engines for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner crew was signed between Vietnam Airlines and General Electrics ...

ge helps training vietnamese medical workers GE helps training Vietnamese medical workers

By By Hoang Anh 14:17 | 24/07/2013

GE Healthcare, a unit of General Electric Company (NYSE:GE), in coordination with Vietnam Ministry of Health recently conducted a ...

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