vietnam introduces timely support for businesses against covid 19 Vietnam introduces timely support for businesses against COVID-19 1

Sami Kteily, executive chairman of PEB Steel, shared with VIR his insights into the government’s recent move to support markets and maintain economic stability.

securing the 5g world Securing the 5G world

17:22 | 05/03/2020

5G is set to revolutionise the mobile communications industry, offering high data rates, low-latency, and ubiquitous connectivity previously unseen.

qualcomm ready to scale 5g to consumers in vietnam Qualcomm ready to scale 5G to consumers in Vietnam

16:01 | 02/03/2020

Nam Thieu, country manager of Qualcomm Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, discusses the group’s strategy to support Vietnam on its digital ...

seaports taking steps to alleviate business losses Seaports taking steps to alleviate business losses

08:00 | 27/02/2020

State-owned Vietnam Maritime Corporation has been suffering from some initial impacts on business performance, stemming from the existing coronavirus epidemic ...

working toghether with giants toward sustainable developement Working toghether with giants toward sustainable developement

14:15 | 11/02/2020

As an influencer in Vietnam’s tourism industry, Sylvia Nguyen, CEO of Foodinco Land JSC, under the Alphanam Group, has been ...

20 year anniversary of cisco vietnam long journey with massive achievements 20-year anniversary of Cisco Vietnam: long journey with massive achievements

16:04 | 24/01/2020

As one of the first FIEs in Vietnam, Cisco has made major contributions to the development of Vietnam’s ICT industry ...

game changing strategy for smart manufacturers Game-changing strategy for smart manufacturers

15:00 | 03/01/2020

Modern manufacturing is taking on a new appearance as technology advances.

boosting digital driven growth with forward thinking policies Boosting digital-driven growth with forward-thinking policies

08:28 | 02/01/2020

Vietnam assumes chairmanship of the ASEAN at a pivotal time. Together with its five partners, the alliance successfully completed negotiations ...

nurturing an sme digital ecosystem Nurturing an SME digital ecosystem

09:00 | 30/12/2019

By 2025, Vietnam could become Southeast Asia’s third-largest e-commerce market. The e-commerce market in Vietnam has ample space for development. ...

heineken vietnam delivering further sustainable initiatives HEINEKEN Vietnam delivering further sustainable initiatives

09:15 | 29/12/2019

HEINEKEN Vietnam had an impressive year expanding their footprint, introducing new products and supporting communities in 2019. Believing that 2020 ...

meeting industry 40 workforce demands Meeting Industry 4.0 workforce demands

14:00 | 09/12/2019

Human resources is considered a key factor for a country in the process of digital transformation and trying to catch ...

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