pandemic a test of fire for vietnamese enterprises Pandemic a test of fire for Vietnamese enterprises

11:29 | 15/10/2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a test for Vietnamese businesses as many have been and will be struggling to recover for the foreseeable future. Those who emerge from the crisis will have proven their mettle ...

how an agile approach will help companies thrive How an agile approach will help companies thrive

14:49 | 14/10/2020

Throughout this ongoing pandemic, Vietnam has managed to stay relatively resilient in terms of recorded cases and fatalities to date. ...

realising revised growth ambitions Realising revised growth ambitions

By Nguyen Dat 14:49 | 14/10/2020

Vietnam’s fourthquarter economic outlook is brighter on the back of a rise in domestic consumption and public investment.

johnson johnson moves to buoy investors over paused covid vaccine trial Johnson & Johnson moves to buoy investors over paused Covid vaccine trial

11:06 | 14/10/2020

US pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson sought Tuesday to reassure investors after its stock slumped on an announcement that it ...

vietnamese exporters stand to gain 633 million by increasing trade with india Vietnamese exporters stand to gain $633 million by increasing trade with India

By Hoa My 10:37 | 14/10/2020

Tthe Standard Chartered Trade Opportunity Report has revealed that Vietnam and India are looking at an opportunity to increase bilateral ...

hopes for recovery of coffee prices Hopes for recovery of coffee prices

By Nguyen Quang Binh - Coffee expert 08:00 | 14/10/2020

When investors heard that US President Donald Trump and his wife were infected with coronavirus at the start of October, ...

us announces assistance to strengthen vietnams e government capacity US announces assistance to strengthen Vietnam’s e-government capacity

By Van Oanh 00:00 | 14/10/2020

The USAID will help Vietnam to accelerate administrative reforms, enhance national inter-agency coordination and transparency, and develop its e-government.

businesses line up for further support Businesses line up for further support

By Thanh Thu 22:50 | 13/10/2020

Continued facing with massive woes, the business community in Vietnam is in dire need of the government’s assistance for investors ...

e commerce growth burdens logistics across southeast asia E-commerce growth burdens logistics across Southeast Asia

By Van Anh 18:34 | 13/10/2020

The outlandish growth of e-commerce has been a great burden on the logistics sector, as reflected by the marked slowdown ...

testing time is money the business impact of test equipment issues Testing time is money: The business impact of test equipment issues

By Bich Thuy 18:23 | 13/10/2020

Lawrence Liu, general manager for Asia-Pacific Sales (SAP) Operations at Keysight Technologies, writes about how important testing equipment is to ...

importance of connectivity in vietnams economic recovery Importance of connectivity in Vietnam’s economic recovery

16:24 | 13/10/2020

The current pandemic has disrupted the daily lives of people around the world. In this landscape, ICT has been helping ...

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