landslide changes in phone segment Landslide changes in phone segment

By Kim Huong 15:00 | 18/10/2018

As Vietnamese smartphone producers are launching new products and Chinese giants are stepping up their game, Samsung and Apple’s hold on the market seems more fragile than ever before.

pwc releases key findings from industry 40 vietnam survey 2018 PwC releases key findings from Industry 4.0 Vietnam Survey 2018

By Anh Duc 11:03 | 18/10/2018

To help articulate the impacts of Industry 4.0 and highlight the challenges in Vietnam, PwC has released the findings of ...

solution near for tech giant tax limbo Solution near for tech giant tax limbo

By Anh Huong 10:59 | 18/10/2018

Applying the highest tax rate on advertisers of Facebook and Google seems to be the Vietnamese government’s latest solution to ...

vietnam to push on eu trade deal Vietnam to push on EU trade deal

By Thanh Thu 10:05 | 18/10/2018

With a bilateral free trade agreement with the EU hoping to be signed by the end of the year, Vietnam ...

google ceo says important to explore china project Google CEO says 'important to explore' China project

18:00 | 17/10/2018

Google chief executive Sundar Pichai has acknowledged publicly for the first time that the tech giant is considering a search ...

grab starts introducing grabpay by moca Grab starts introducing GrabPay by Moca

By Ha Vy 09:37 | 17/10/2018

Grab is starting to introduce GrabPay, the cashless payment solutions of Moca to bring swift, seamless, and secure payment experience ...

bayer ags stock sets seven year record after favourable court ruling Bayer AG’s stock sets seven-year record after favourable court ruling

By Anh Duc 17:46 | 16/10/2018

The stock of Bayer AG rose sharply after a tentative ruling on the possible removal of the $250 million punitive ...

survey retail and financial firms most eager to hire in vietnam Survey: retail and financial firms most eager to hire in Vietnam

By Nam Phuong 17:45 | 16/10/2018

Latest surveys show that retail, banking, and insurance sectors are the most likely to increase their headcount in 2019 to ...

kpmg recognised at asia human resources development awards 2018 KPMG recognised at Asia Human Resources Development Awards 2018

By Anh Duc 17:10 | 16/10/2018

KPMG in Vietnam and Cambodia’s chairman and CEO, Warrick Cleine, was one of 22 recipients of the Asia Human Resources ...

moit makes case for crypto mining MoIT makes case for crypto mining

10:14 | 16/10/2018

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) has proposed not to suspend the imports of cryptocurrency mining machines (HS code ...

nfsc proposes lowering corporate income tax on smes NFSC proposes lowering corporate income tax on SMEs

10:04 | 16/10/2018

Corporate income tax levied on small and medium – sized enterprises (SMEs) should be reduced to promote the business development, ...

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