Core values create solid foundations

11:18 | 12/08/2013
SCG has reached its 100th anniversary thanks to the firm’s strong foundations based on its Four Core Values.

core values create solid foundations
SCG concentrates on developing its human resources

This year will see the group –one of ASEAN’s leading conglomerates – celebrate its 100th anniversary. SCG was founded in 1913 following an initiative by King Vajiravudh (Rama VI) to support the development of Thailand’s national infrastructure at that time.

SCG’s 100 years of success

- December 8, 1913: The Siam Cement Co., -td. was estab-ished.

- 1915: Pricing and -ogistics systems were first introduced, giving rise to the incorporation of distribution business.

- 1938: Estab-ished the company to produce cement-re-ated products, marking the beginning of the bui-ding materia-s business.

- 1963: A fund was set up to be used for socia- benefits, -eading to the estab-ishment of the SCG Foundation.

- 1972: “The Siam Cement Group” restructured to inc-ude a group of companies under its umbre--a to enhance efficiency.

- 1975: SCG management he-ped revive a cement bag manufacturer, giving rise to the inception of the paper business.

- 1978: Joint ventures were formed with the wor-d’s -eading companies in new business such as machinery, automotive and e-ectrica-.

- 1983: Fo--owing the natura- gas discovery in the gu-f of Thai-and, the first chemica-s company was estab-ished, signa-ing the start of the chemica-s business.

- 1983-1997: With a steady growth, the group diversified into ten business units.

- 1992: SCG stepped into Vietnam market starting with trading business.

- 1997: In the wake of Asian economic crisis, SCG app-ied H.M. the King’s Sufficiency Economy Phi-osophy to its operations, rationa-ising its structure down to five core businesses, which a--owed SCG to grow stronger than ever post-crisis.

- 2000: SCG became a member of the Wor-d Business Counci- for Sustainab-e Deve-opment (WBCSD).

- 2006: “The Siam Cement Group” was rebranded to “SCG” to getti ng ready itse-f for making inroads into the regiona- and g-oba- markets.

- 2007: SCG Vision was announced toward becoming ASEAN’s sustainab-e business -eader through two corporate strategies: expansion to the ASEAN region and deve-opment of high va-ue-added products and services.

- 2011: SCG has been ranked DJSI g-oba- sector -eader in Bui-ding Materia-s & Fixtures and continued to 2012.

- 2013: SCG restructured into three core businesses: SCG Cement-Bui-ding Materia-s, SCG Chemica-s and SCG Paper.

- 2013: SCG ce-ebrates its 100th anniversary.

SCG has developed alongside ASEAN, overcoming obstacles and crises. The group has seen its business significantly expand and diversify and it currently comprises three business units: SCG Cement-Building Materials, SCG Chemicals and SCG Paper, with more than 200 companies under its umbrella, employing more than 43,000 people.

“We are also committed to developing our organisation to be a sustainable business leader in ASEAN and a role model in sustainable development in the world arena,” said Kan Trakulhoon, president and CEO of SCG.

All businesses crave success, but it is difficult to achieve, and sustaining success is even harder in an increasingly competitive world.

“SCG’s management is well aware of this, so research has been undertaken to determine what would bring SCG greater success in the future. The answer is innovation,” said Trakulhoon.

SCG has emphasised innovation in its production technology, products, services, working processes and business models, and also in terms of staff communication and creativity. The goal is for all SCG employees to work innovatively and jointly create an innovative organisation that meets the challenges of a competitive marketplace as well as the needs of the modern consumer and society.

One of the firm foundations for SCG’s great successes is its long-standing organisational culture and identity, in which learning is experienced naturally as senior staff teach newer staff. One generation passes on both their experience and knowledge to the next.

These values have been distilled into a unique and rigorous philosophy of doing business known as the Four Core Values, which have been maintained throughout SCG’s history.

The Four Core Values are rooted in the idea that just as an individual prospers in life through moral conduct so does a company through ethical practices. The values include Adherence to Fairness, meaning that SCG is committed to the concept of fairness to all parties concerned, Dedication to Excellence showing SCG focuses on dedicated performance to consistently provide excellence, Belief in the Value of the Individual underscoring that SCG’s employees are its most valuable assets, and Concern for Social Responsibility meaning SCG fully performs its duty as a good corporate citizen by contributing to the communities and countries where it operates.

Inspired by these values, SCG’s Talented and Ethical concept was also initiated, helping to remind all SCG employees that good working performance is not only an important thing, but being good person with morality is equally valued.

Moreover, the group has decided to complement these with an additional concept – Open and Challenge – in order to prepare for future competition and form a creative, open, transparent and enthusiastic working environment.

All ‘SCG People’ must commit to the Four Core Values and the adoption of the ‘Open and Challenge’ concept in their daily operations. As these principles were upheld by executives and staff across every generation, no matter what the future holds, these values will continue to provide the foundation to the group’s success.

By By Khoi Nguyen

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