Concerns around GreenLife commitment of beverage brands

13:37 | 24/09/2019
After coffee and tea chain Phuc Long’s fraud in garbage classification, consumers look at the GreenLife movement of beverage with suspicion, trying to decide whether it is genuine responsibility or a marketing trick.
concerns around greenlife commitment of beverage brands
Phuc Long store on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street (Ho Chi Minh City) was slammed for tricking customers into believing they selectively collect garbage

A Facebook user named Daisy Tran posted a status about a Phuc Long store on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street (Ho Chi Minh City) pulling one over customers by placing a lid with many openings for separate types of rubbish on its garbage bin that all lead to the same container.

“It may cost a lot and be inconvenient for companies to join the “Green Life” movement. You don’t have to do it. But don’t cheat your customers by faking it. This is the last time I went to Phuc Long,” posted Daisy.

The status was made on last Thursday and has since gathered more than 11,000 likes, about 4,900 comments, and 3,700 shares. Many commenters accused Phuc Long of ingenuity in the green movement while others talked about several other problems in Phuc Long's management of its stores. The company has remained quiet about the issue.

Recognising that the plastic reduction trend is an effective marketing tool, many beverage brands have been using it to promote their business by activities like giving up plastic straws and cups or offering discounts to customers who bring their own tumblers – while never truly departing from plastic cups.

This is not the first time Phuc Long has caused a stir with its lack of regard for the environment. The chain in early March was criticised for charging VND2,000 ($0.08) for adding a plastic cup of ice to each order for delivery. The company at the time argued that it was to ensure food safety. However, 24 hours after the announcement, Phuc Long removed the post from its Facebook fan page and promised to keep delivering goods like before.

Phuc Long is one of many cases of abysmal environmental responsibility in the corporate world. Several months ago, Highland Coffee was accused of using single-use plastic cups and straws in its 300 stores across the country, while posing as the vanguard of the plastic reduction movement.

By Van Anh

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