Cocobay Danang mega-complex to be lit up with SolarBK solar system

15:52 | 22/08/2017
SolarBK, a leading renewable energy solutions provider in Vietnam, has just inked a co-operation contract with Empire Group on lighting up the latter’s entertainment mega-complex with its energy-efficient solar-powered electrical system, with the total capacity touching 1.5 megawatts peak.
SolarBK and Empire Group signed a contract to light up Cocobay Danang through solar power

Once completed, the iconic entertainment complex called Cocobay Danang will become the first mixed development featuring Vietnam’s largest solar-powered electrical system.

The project will be handled by SolarESCO, a SolarBK member unit. In the first phase, within 80 days the QB4 terraced house building, a component of Cocobay Danang complex, will be kitted out with a 50.55 kilowatt peak (kWp) solar-powered system.

SolarESCO provides compelling energy solutions to enterprises, including the design and implementation of energy efficiency and conservation projects and energy-efficient infrastructure leasing. Via this format, SolarBK will be directly engaged in installing the energy-efficient solar-powered system for 12 years for the whole Cocobay Danang project.

Accordingly, the solar-powered system will consist of 162 IREX solar photovoltaic (PV) panels having a capacity of 310 watts peak (Wp) and associated devices which are resistant to weather conditions while still ensuring modern aesthetic standards for the building.

After the completion of the first phase, the system is expected to generate 67,640kWh per year, enabling Cocobay Danang to save about 4.5 per cent on energy costs per year.

Besides this proven economical value, the solution helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 45 tonnes each year, contributing to building Cocobay Danang’s green image as well as benefiting substantial benefits to society.

Earlier, SolarBK and Empire Group had struck a cooperation deal on installing a mammoth 4,000L solar-powered water heater system for the latter’s five-star boutique resort Naman Retreat, also based in Danang.

By virtue of SolarBK’s exemplary service quality from solution development, execution experiences, to post-installation maintenance and guarantee services, Empire Group has decided to continue its partnership with SolarBK for its Cocobay Danang complex.

In addition, SolarBK stands apart from competition by providing a compelling package of solutions integrated with smart supervisory technology SSOCTM also developed by the company. In the future, SSOCTM smart functions can be constantly upgraded to match contemporary requirements.

This is the very factor for which Empire Group has decided to team up with SolarBK, as it has the confidence that the latter is well-positioned to help it materialise the vision of turning Cocobay Danang into an upscale and modern mixed development.

To be lit up with a solar-powered mega system with a capacity reaching 1.5MWp, Cocobay was not only designed as the premier luxury entertainment complex in Southeast Asia, but also to  highlight green architecture, smart technology, and environmental friendly characteristics.

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By By Phuong Thu

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