Chu Dau Ceramic preserving quintessence of Vietnamese culture

16:54 | 28/02/2019
Chu Dau Ceramic, a member of BRG Group, is a high-class ancient kind of ceramic of Vietnam representing “the rice civilisation” of the 13 century and has been revered as a symbol of royalty and wealth since the end of the 17th century.

Chu Dau village is located in Thai Tan commune, Nam Sach District, Hai Duong city, about 80 kilometres far from North West of Hanoi.

chu dau ceramic preserving quintessence of vietnamese culture
The “Hoa lam” vase: a round shape symbolising the sky, a cylinder shape symbolising the straightforward man who is the bread-winner of the family

Each product of Chu Dau Ceramic sport a characteristic style, colour of glaze, and patterns from Vietnamese culture. Pottery holds an important position in the history of Vietnamese handicrafts and has been a traditional job for hundreds of years. The traditions are currently preserved and promoted by Chu Dau Ceramic JSC, a member of BRG Group.

According to historical records, the first business woman in Vietnamese history, Bui Thi Hy – the progenitor of the ceramics industry in Chu Dau village – lived in the 15th century. Thanks to the discovery of her writing on the “Hoa Lam” ceramic vase at Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul, Turkey, the ancient ceramics of Chu Dau were rediscovered in 1980.

Nowadays, Chu Dau Ceramic articles are preserved and displayed at 46 famous museums in 32 countries in the world, including Tokyo, Istanbul, and New York. The “Hoa Lam” Chu Dau ceramic vase is one of the four Turkish national treasures. Chu Dau ceramic products are exported to about 30 countries and territories around the world.

After half a millennia, realising the cultural value of Chu Dau ceramics in 2001, Hanoi Trade JSC (Hapro), a member of BRG Group, decided to establish Chu Dau Ceramic JSC with the mission of restoring the Chu Dau ancient ceramic craftsmanship which was lost more than 400 years ago. With talented hands and creative mind, the artisans of Chu Dau Ceramic JSC have successfully revived the art of Chu Dau ceramics and created thousands of products, revitalising and improving Chu Dau’s craft to meet the expectations of clients at home and abroad. Currently, Chu Dau ceramic products are widely used as gifts, household items, decoration, and are collected by art enthusiasts as a symbol of Vietnamese culture.

chu dau ceramic preserving quintessence of vietnamese culture
chu dau ceramic preserving quintessence of vietnamese culture
chu dau ceramic preserving quintessence of vietnamese culture

With the uniqueness of the product and the efforts to revive and develop premium Chu Dau ceramics, Chu Dau Ceramic JSC received the award from General Vo Nguyen Giap who called Chu Dau Ceramic “the Essence of Vietnamese culture” and Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc who praised it for its Vietnamese character “shining over five continents.”

chu dau ceramic preserving quintessence of vietnamese culture
Nguyen Thi Nga, president of BRG Group and Hapro, aims to turn Chu Dau Ceramic into a national symbol

BRG Group will continuously promote the export of Hapro products, such as agricultural products, processed food, and handicrafts, including Chu Dau ceramic products.

Since its inception, Chu Dau Ceramic products have rose to an important position in the domestic market. Following the success of Bui Thi Hy, under the direct and enthusiastic leadership of president of BRG Group and Hapro Nguyen Thi Nga, BRG Group will focus on developing and making Chu Dau ceramics a national symbol through the production of Chu Dau products in their original method preserved by museums across the world.

The group will increase exports to many countries around the world, contributing to the promotion of the Vietnamese culture to international markets.

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