Cheap but delicious cuisine in Hanoi

17:15 | 19/09/2017
The highest food price sold at Dong Xuan Market lane is just VND35,000 ($1.2). This alley is knownas an eater's paradise among foreign and domestic customers.

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The lane of just a few hundred metersnear Dong Xuan market attracts thousands of customers daily because of its prices from VND10,000 to VND35,000. There are many shops that have been here a long time.

Snail noodle soup and meat cake noodle soup are high-demand dishes in Dong Xuan lane. Mr. Marion from the United States said he came to Hanoi two years ago and tasted all dishes in the lane. On this occasion of returning to Vietnam with his girlfriend, he visited Dong Xuanto enjoy delicious and cheap snail noodle soup.

The snail noodle soup of Ms. Thuy has been served for 70 years. Her shop always attract crowd of customers because materials here are fresh and hygienic with various vegetables. A bowl of snail noodle soup costs from VND30,000 to 35,000. The shop owner said she sells a few hundredbowls every day. In winter, to enjoy her dish, you have to wait in long lines. The price of noodle soup is VND10,000.

Apart from snail noodle soup, the pork cake noodle soup is must-taste food in the paradise. The pork cake noodle soup with grilled pork on bamboo sticks is not popular in Hanoi but on Dong Xuan lane, shops of the special dish are crowded with customers. The price is about VND 25,000- 30,000/ bowl, cheaper than other places in Hanoi.

Despite being a small alley, most diners prepare food on site. This is also a way to show their fully handcrafted food for people  “looking for old items” of Hanoi.

Many foreign customers come to Dong Xuan lane because it is quick, cheapand good and for the kind service. Ms. Dung, owner of fish noodle soup diner, said that people say other shops in Hanoi rhat offer the same dishes are unfriendly but noton this lane. Apart from cheap and tasty dishes, other specialty of Dong Xuan market is smiles.


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