Charity event provides gateway to further education

08:00 | 18/03/2019
Dinh Van Hoc was born and raised in a small village in Can Loc district of the central province of Ha Tinh. When he was 15 years old, his father passed away, leaving his mother to care for three kids of school-going age.
charity event provides gateway to further education
The Swing for the Kids event offers a chance for young people to continue learning by offering precious scholarships

Hoc’s mother is a rice farmer. She struggled to feed her family. Her children’s schooling was a secondary concern. Without assistance, Hoc would presumably have been forced to forego his studies after high school and look for work to help provide for his siblings.

However, in 2009, he became the runner-up in the entrance exam for the National Economics University in 2009, but the joy was immediately stamped out when he faced the fact that it was impossible for him to continue onto higher education, due to the family’s extreme financial situation.

“I was very disappointed at the time,” Hoc explained. “My family was one of the particularly poor households. My two siblings were of school age, and my youngest sister had a serious disease. I thought I had no chance to reach university. Then, the Swing for the Kids scholarship fund appeared at the right time, and not only gave me the opportunity to continue my study but also opened a completely different future.”

With the Swing for the Kids yearly scholarship of VND10 million ($435), Hoc could partly cover the cost of studying and living and has the courage to confidently come to the university lectures.

In four years, Hoc successively earned the title of ‘excellent student’, took part in an internship at big-name banks such as HSBC and ACB, and is now an employee at BIDV.

Hoc has shared his dream of becoming a CFO in the future, and now contributes to Swing for the Kids scholarship fund which has supported him and many other students in the same situation.

My second family

At 24 years old, Le Van Tu is the youngest chemistry teacher at Phan Boi Chau High School in the central province of Nghe An.

Born and raised in a family of difficult circumstances on the land affected by severe weather from Laos in the province’s Nam Dan district, his path of education once seemed shut.

The unexpected death of his father in a serious traffic accident led to family turbulence. His elder brother faced mental health problems and his mother had to relentlessly go back and forth for treatment. His older brother, who was in twelfth grade, was forced to quit the national exam to university.

It was during those difficult times that Swing for the Kids came to Tu as a miracle helping him to overcome difficulties and realise his dream to become a teacher. Tu has since been awarded the Swing for the Kids scholarship for four consecutive years.

“Throughout the Swing for the Kids golf tournament, VIR is like my second family,” said Tu. “I have close sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, and even grandfathers who are always willing to help me freely.”

During the four years at university, thanks to a great support of materials and spiritual help, he obtained consistently high achievements.

“I hope to have the chance to go back to my old school to fulfill my dream of being a teacher right in my home province, to help my family and my homeland, and to share the kindness that I have received for the next generations,” Tu said.

One year later, he returned to the great second family in a warm welcome from everyone. He has successfully realised his dream of becoming a teacher, but always mentions the Swing for the Kids scholarship with all his deep gratitude and respect.

“The scholarship pushes me to work harder, and is also a source of motivation helping me to overcome hardship in life. The Swing for the Kids scholarship has really changed my life,” Tu said.

Unexpected successes await

Dinh Van Hoc and Le Van Tu are just two of the many successes achieved from Swing for the Kids. The success of these outstanding cases has made the golf tournament more meaningful and more human than ever.

Swing for the Kids also changes the perception of the teachers themselves who directly led the students to receive the scholarships.

Le Thu Hanh, deputy director of Student Affairs at the Hanoi National University of Education, said, “After three consecutive years of leading students to receive scholarships, I wish for more children to receive help and support from Swing for the Kids.”

This year’s Swing for the Kids tournament will no doubt provide more unexpected gifts for many poor but studious students.

Do Thi Tham, who was first to be awarded a Swing for the Kids Scholarship, said, “This scholarship has changed my life. I will try my best to earn scholarships in the future years, helping my mother to reduce the burden and accomplish my biggest dream of receiving further education. I hope that more and more students like me will also be supported. We will no longer find ourselves lonely and unhappy because now there are many people besides us who are willing to spread help.”

It has been clear that these scholarships are of great significance for the beneficiaries as it not only provides them with financial support but also functions as an incentive for them to overcome difficulties and fulfill their dreams.

By Thanh An

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