CEOs share views and expectations on Horasis 2018

20:20 | 24/11/2018
The Asia Economic Cooperation Forum (Horasis 2018) is taking place between November 25 and 27 in the southern province of Binh Duong. The international event, co-hosted by Binh Duong People's Committee, Becamex, VSIP and Horasis Organisation, saw senior leaders from both Vietnamese and foreign companies share their views and expectations on this important economic forum.

Truong Gia Binh, chairman of FPT Corporation: Horasis will be a golden opportunity for Vietnamese enterprises

ceos share views and expectations on horasis 2018

When accompanying other global corporations during the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we recognise that there is a tremendous need for strategic consulting and digital conversion practice.

Horasis is where we meet, seek for co-operation and get lessons from other partners. Every year, Horasis organises meetings to promote solutions for the most important challenges for multinational corporations.

Meetings and dialogue at Horasis aim to let the delegates and participants present comprehensive views on activities that influence the Asia's economic situation and the way that Asian companies are interacting with the region and the wider world.

At Horasis 2018, participants will join in the dialogue to deliver new solutions, visions, business models, and support for micro-scale enterprises and startups as well as solutions for smart cities.

At this event, Vietnamese companies will not only learn about the business model and governance in Industry 4.0, but also have the opportunity to connect and co-operate with leading corporations in the globally.

This is also the experience that FPT has gained when participating in international events such as the World Economic Forum (WEF). FPT has brought in the services and solutions it has invested in and researched so far and introduced to leading corporations. Many of these firms have become FPT's clients.

I expect Vietnamese businesses will have more golden opportunities at Horasis. With 30 years experience of pioneering in technological strength, a human resource of 15,000 engineers, and collaborative experience with global leading digital partners, at Horasis FPT wants to transfer the message: "FPT pioneered the digital transformation".

FPT is ready to provide global convergence solutions for global corporations, contributing to improve Vietnam's position on the global technology map. "

Pham Hong Hai, CEO of HSBC Vietnam: Great opportunity to promote trade and business connections

ceos share views and expectations on horasis 2018

The Asian Economic Cooperation Forum is an investment event that provides a comprehensive view of the successes of the Asian economy. The host of Binh Duong province has strengthened and promoted prestige in the area and made it well-known in the international market. The event also helps build a good image of Binh Duong to international and domestic partners and investors.

Binh Duong has established itself as one of the key economic centres in the south of Vietnam and is home large industrial development, as well as being one of the country's strongest foreign investment destinations. The local authorities are implementing the right policy in boosting industrial development with high value-added content, improving the localisation rate, and forming and developing supporting industries to participate in the global manufacturing chain.

Being in line with the Smart City Development Plan and the trend of Industry 4.0, Binh Duong has encouraged companies to update and improve their technologies and increase connectivity among large corporations.

In addition to industrial development, the province aims to develop modern, friendly and sustainable urban areas, and develop the infrastructure system to serve economic development and attract investment, creating efficient ecosystems.

With the influence of Horasis and the participation of government leaders, ministers and national ministerial leaders, the event will be a highlight to consolidate and expand the image of Binh Duong and is a great opportunity to promote trade and business connections.

Vietnam, as the host country of the event, is a rising star in the ASEAN region and an outstanding example of getting achievements through economic openness and integration into the regional and global market.

I hope that the connecting and cooperation policies will bring the ASEAN to a new level - ASEAN members working together towards prosperous development.

Tong Chee Kiong, managing director of BW Industrial: Time to take the opportunity and speed-up

ceos share views and expectations on horasis 2018

Binh Duong is strengthening its position with regional and international partners. Therefore, we can see that this is the good time for us to capture the opportunities and thrive in the industrial properties, with an aim to bring Vietnam’s industry, logistic and services up to a new level.

There will be many opportunities for companies like BW Industrial to develop and supply industrial property products which the market is in need of. This will help reduce risk for investors in Vietnam’s market, especially when Vietnamese companies have more sustainable and higher-skilled human resources, and the assistance to set up enterprises in Vietnam.

BW Industrial will focus on supporting the sustainable development of Binh Duong in particular and Vietnam in general in an aim to become a strategic investor in industrial property for lease.

With the mission of providing value-added services to various industries, BW Industrial will make use of the association with Becamex IDC to assist its business clients who are investing in Binh Duong.

In addition, we will improve available land resources to become the largest warehouse and logistics provider in Vietnam. To achieve that goal, we will focus on developing a professional customer care system to ensure the best quality of service to meet the requirements of customers.

By Bich Ngoc - Hong Son

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