Carlsberg supporting central-based citizens

08:15 | 06/04/2020
In response to the ongoing global health crisis caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, Carlsberg has taken actions to contribute to the country’s efforts in the fight. Nathaniel Moxom, managing director of Carlsberg Vietnam, talked to VIR’s Bich Thuy about the highlights in the group’s corporate social responsibility journey in the country, and its future initiatives to bring better living conditions for local people.
carlsberg supporting central based citizens
Nathaniel Moxom, managing director of Carlsberg Vietnam

What have been the top stories regarding Carlsberg Vietnam’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, and how have they contributed to communities?

Over nearly three decades of operation in Vietnam through Huda – one of our core brands that made its mark as the beloved son of the central region – Carlsberg has closely accompanied the people in various facets of their life, whether they be cultural, social, financial, or environmental ones.

Culture-wise, Carlsberg places great value on time-honoured traditions and customs of the land; hence our sponsorship of many local festivals such as the Hue Festival, Den Con Festival in Nghe An, and the Minh Hoa Full Moon Festival in Quang Binh.

Moreover, sports and entertainment activities like the Huda Cup local football tournament in Thanh Hoa, a boat race festival, and Huda Central’s Top Talent singing competition are also high on the priority list with the aim of enriching the social life of locals.

On a more practical note, we are devoted to cherishing community values, willing to stand alongside those amidst hardships and providing necessary support ranging from giving out Lunar New Year presents to building homes for the disadvantaged.

Carlsberg’s dedication to the central region is also reflected in our co-operation with local authorities to undertake a Vietnam-centric initiative called “Fresh water for beloved central”, rooted in our acknowledgement of severe shortages of quality sources of water.

Starting from September last year, the first three projects in the central provinces of Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, and Quang Tri have successfully brought clean water to around 1,500 households, equivalent to nearly 5,500 local residents.

Environmentally speaking, Carlsberg’s global sustainability programme Together Towards ZERO has been carried out under close supervision in Vietnam, and therefore produced a number of favourable outcomes after nearly four years of implementation. Supported by the local government, the programme has achieved remarkable successes with a 48 per cent reduction in brewery carbon footprint and 27 per cent reduction in water consumption. These achievements have demonstrated the constant efforts and commitment of Carlsberg towards the group’s purpose of brewing for a better today and tomorrow.

How are your business activities in Vietnam being affected by the coronavirus pandemic, and how can Carlsberg contribute to the efforts to control it?

Contrary to previous years, all beer brewers in Vietnam including us are looking at a hard time in 2020 due to the pandemic as well as the recent issue of Decree No.100/2019/ND-CP outlining sanctions for drink-driving. The dual pressure is tremendous yet inevitable, as the outbreak is getting more intense in Vietnam.

We believe that it is the high time for Carlsberg Vietnam as well as other enterprises to review all of our business activities over the past few years to optimise operational processes during the pandemic, while simultaneously working out a long-term plan to remain stable in this period and be well prepared for the future, when everything is back to normal.

In response to the worldwide COVID-19 situation, the Vietnamese government has quickly taken many firm actions to control the spread of the outbreak. As a company operating in Vietnam, it is our utmost responsibility to comply with the government’s directions to contribute to the fight against the crisis.

On a global scale, a major part of our Carlsberg family, the Carlsberg Foundation, recently donated nearly $13.8 million to help mitigate the challenges associated with COVID-19 with respect to scientific, economic, and human matters.

What are Carlsberg’s CSR plans in Vietnam for the rest of the year, and what are your business strategies in the country amid the current situation?

In 2020, Carlsberg Vietnam will definitely continue its companionship with the central area with the aim of amplifying our previous efforts. For the time being, we are setting our sights on the successful execution of the “Fresh water for beloved central” CSR project in Nghe An, Hue, Quang Tri, Quang Binh, and Ha Tinh, thereby facilitating access to fresh water for more people so that they can accordingly create better living conditions for themselves and future generations.

Also, as in previous years, we will partner with several local TV stations in those provinces in a variety of charitable programmes, lending a helping hand to build a better life for those acutely in need.

Earlier this year, Carlsberg Vietnam officially became a platinum sponsor of the 11th Hue Festival, continuing our proud journey of promoting a culturally extravagant event that brings out rich diversity in the traditions of the central provinces, and in this way, showing our vast appreciation for the heartland’s culture.

Although the festival has been delayed until August, we hope that efforts in keeping the event end in success and everyone stays safe and healthy, in anticipation of this special occasion with a spirit not at all dampened, but becoming stronger during this troubled time.

By Bich Thuy

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