Bridgestone Vietnam officially launched “no waste, no pollution” 2019

13:41 | 30/09/2019
Bridgestone Tires Sales Vietnam LLC (Bridgestone Vietnam) officially launched the No Waste, No Pollution 2019 programme to deliver knowledge and nurture the mindset of protecting the environment for primary school students, as well as spread this meaningful message to the community. Bridgestone Vietnam plans to approach 10 primary schools nationwide to donate more than 40 waste sorting bins and two tyre playgrounds and many other educational gifts. No Waste, No Pollution 2019 is an extension of Bridgestone Vietnam's annual environmental activities, directly improving global environmental pollution and building a sustainable future as their commitment to the Vietnamese community.

Biggest challenge: Global waste crisis

On average, a Vietnamese generates 1.2 kilogrammes of domestic waste a day. With a population of 93.7 million people, our country's total waste is about 120,000 tonnes per day. Globally, the World Bank records that total waste is approaching 3.4 billion tonnes by 2050, a notable rise from around 2 billion tonnes in 2016. Vietnam and the whole world are facing a serious waste crisis.

Amidst such an alarming environmental situation, many positive activities have been carried out to address the backlog of waste. However, the process of solving pollution issues still faces many barriers and challenges. In particular, the lack of awareness in minimising domestic waste is an urgent issue for both the government and the community.

Joining hands with the community, Bridgestone Vietnam implements the No Waste, No Pollution programme in 2019 for primary school students in many provinces to spread knowledge and build a good mindset about protecting the environment through daily practice. Hence, Bridgestone Vietnam encourages children to take action for the environment, improving the pollution situation and proactively spreading meaningful messages to families and communities to build a sustainable future for Vietnam and the world.

Nurturing children’s mindset for sustainable, green future

At key cities, Bridgestone Vietnam has integrated guidelines for sorting waste into practical gifts for students and schools such as timetables and school billboards. The company will donate 40 waste sorting bins to eight primary schools in Hanoi, Haiphong, Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Thuan, and Nha Trang. Besides, to motivate students to enjoy sorting their daily waste, each waste sorting bins’ installation area will be decorated like mini-playgrounds.

At further locations in the south, Bridgestone Vietnam will donate two tyre playgrounds. Developed based on the idea of the Olympic playground, the games not only help children enjoy healthy fun but also improve their constitution through exercise. This is also a convincing proof to the community that we can fully give the waste a new meaningful and eco-friendly life cycle.

bridgestone vietnam officially launched no waste no pollution 2019
The No Waste, No Pollution journey has delivered knowledge about sorting waste to more than 9,000 primary school students in Hanoi to minimise environmental pollution
bridgestone vietnam officially launched no waste no pollution 2019
The waste-sorting bins were designed with bright colours and attractive illustrations to help students easily remember and sort waste
bridgestone vietnam officially launched no waste no pollution 2019
Through interesting quizzes, students from different grades learned about the environment
bridgestone vietnam officially launched no waste no pollution 2019
Practical games also help them learn about using waste sorting bins
bridgestone vietnam officially launched no waste no pollution 2019
Students were very receptive to messages on environmental protection

Sadaharu Kato, general director of Bridgestone Vietnam, shared that, "Conveying the right knowledge and educating the right mindset on environmental protection for children is building a 'green future'. That is the core for Bridgestone Vietnam to develop the No Waste, No Pollution programme in 2019, with an effort to tackle pollution challenges from the perspective of primary school students. We hope that they can build a good mindset and habits for the environment and spread this meaningful message to their families and the community. As one of the industry's leaders, Bridgestone Vietnam is committed to continuing our efforts of 'Serving Society with Superior Quality', nurturing the young generation and creating a strong foundation for the future."

In addition to the human resources from Bridgestone employees, No Waste, No Pollution has also been supported by the Xanh Yeu Thuong and Y Tam volunteer groups.

In the following years, Bridgestone Vietnam is committed to expanding these environmental protection education programmes for primary students to a nationwide scale. The company will focus on the long-term benefits, altering children's and community's mindset, and contributing to building a sustainable society by balancing operations with nature, in harmony with society, and improving the quality of life for all.

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