Bangkok Hackathon to save Southeast Asia’s energy system

21:57 | 24/07/2017
An international alliance of partners are going to launch the Smart Energy Hackathon in Bangkok during September 8-10 to accelerate the development of innovative software solutions to tackle energy challenges in Southeast Asia.

The Smart Energy Hackathon is open for applications until August 13

GIZ aims to bridge the digital gap and raise awareness of the software potential for smart energy solutions in Southeast Asia. In order to work towards this vision, GIZ is hosting the Hackathon in collaboration with CalCEF/New Energy Nexus, TechGrind, CU Innovation Hub, and KX, this coming September 8-10 in Bangkok.

It is a software developing competition to identify talent and bring new digital technology innovations to solve current energy challenges. The Smart Energy Hackathon constitutes the kick-off for a larger support programme aiming to create a smart energy software ecosystem in Southeast Asia.

The Smart Energy Hackathon will catalyse the momentum and increase awareness of energy innovation. The call for applicants is now open, with an application deadline of August 13, 2017. Selected applicants will be announced on August 17, 2017.

“Bringing smart energy solutions into the market at scale is no longer a hardware challenge: it
is innovative business models and software solutions that are the key to success. GIZ is excited to contribute to creating an ecosystem for smart energy entrepreneurship that will produce
innovative solutions for the energy transition in Southeast Asia,” said Thomas Chrometzka, director of Renewable Energy at GIZ Thailand.

Many Southeast Asian regions are struggling to mitigate the impacts of climate change, which in
turn generates strong demand for renewable energy sources and smart energy technologies.

The Smart Energy Hackathon provides startups a path to develop localised software solutions
that span the entire energy value chain, including the Internet of Things (IoT), electric vehicle (EV) charging management, smart grid, energy management, on-demand customer services, and

The digitisation of the Southeast Asian energy industry will allow greater flexibility for
utilities to manage renewable energy sources and smart assets, protect the grid, and provide better customer service.

German technology drives green energy development
German technology drives green energy development

Vietnam and Germany are boosting their energy development co-operation, with the latter committing to support the former in improving energy-related policies which can help lure more investors.

US supports clean energy development in Vietnam
US supports clean energy development in Vietnam

The US – Vietnam Clean Energy Conference opened this morning in Ho Chi Minh City to promote green energy sustainability in Vietnam.

By By Phuong Thu

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