techfest 2020 officially underway TECHFEST 2020 officially underway

00:19 | 13/10/2020

Following the success of previous contests, TECHFEST 2020 has officially started, drawing the attention of hundreds of thousands of startups across the country.

new incentives to favour innovative startups in vietnam New incentives to favour innovative startups in Vietnam

18:28 | 28/09/2020

The fresh incentives of the government are hoped to facilitate thousands of local startups which have been struggling to survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

ssi put millions of elc stocks on trade SSI put millions of ELC stocks on trade

18:53 | 21/09/2020

Local securities company SSI seems to be steadily divesting from Elcom due to a plunge in the investment's value.

browntail flights of ups launched in vietnam "Browntail" flights of UPS launched in Vietnam

18:11 | 21/09/2020

UPS’ “Browntail” flights to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City will aid the capacity of local businesses thanks to shorting shipment timelines to within one ...

kido dismisses four deputy general directors KIDO dismisses four deputy general directors

18:53 | 08/09/2020

KIDO dismissed four deputy general directors as it is preparing for a merger with a handful of subsidiaries.

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