industry 40 gives rise to meteoric gaming industry Industry 4.0 gives rise to meteoric gaming industry

09:00 | 15/09/2020

Capitalising on ASEAN’s booming online gaming scene, many companies are stepping up presence with Vietnam a potential target.

japanese press on with expansions Japanese press on with expansions

09:00 | 04/09/2020

The efforts of Japanese investors to expand overseas business and diversify supply chains in the era of COVID-19 will be a boon to Vietnam.

malaysian investor presence intensifies Malaysian investor presence intensifies

09:37 | 27/08/2020

Buoyed by Vietnam’s huge potential and visible growth, Malaysian investors are keen to beef up investment activities in Vietnam.

south koreans grow presence through substantial ma South Koreans grow presence through substantial M&A

14:30 | 19/08/2020

South Korean investors are employing mergers and acquisitions as a critical strategic instrument to secure a stronger footing in Vietnam.

southeast asian mas gathering momentum Southeast Asian M&As gathering momentum

15:00 | 14/08/2020

Vietnam’s mergers and acquisitions market continues to be a magnet for Southeast Asian buyers, especially those from Thailand and Singapore that are increasingly taking over ...

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