brewing up change with modern strategy Brewing up change with modern strategy

09:00 | 12/04/2021

Saigon Beer Alcohol Beverage Corporation (SABECO) has been on a journey of transformation to strengthen its operational capabilities and modernise its governance system over the ...

incident shows need for logistics resilience Incident shows need for logistics resilience

11:50 | 07/04/2021

Last week’s Suez Canal situation caused disruption to some of Vietnam’s exports and imports. Tran Thanh Hai, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry and ...

glass half empty for unhappy consumers Glass half empty for unhappy consumers?

10:20 | 07/04/2021

While the protection of consumer interests contributes to building a healthy business environment for enterprises and individuals, notable conflicts continue to emerge that call into ...

abb signs on aws to develop cloud based fleet management platform ABB signs on AWS to develop cloud-based fleet management platform

10:18 | 01/04/2021

ABB and Amazon Web Services have joined forces to build real-time fleet management solutions for fleets transitioning to electric vehicles.

vinfast e34 to dominate electric arena VinFast E34 to dominate electric arena

17:27 | 31/03/2021

Vietnamese carmaker VinFast has announced the global debut of the country’s first electric car, while pushing a battery system that hopes to reshape travel trends.

diversification crucial for japanese Diversification crucial for Japanese

14:00 | 25/03/2021

Vietnam is seen as one of the most important investment destinations for Japan.

showing ambition for offshore wind Showing ambition for offshore wind

08:00 | 12/03/2021

Vietnam is now boasting great potential in offshore wind development which is attracting more investors. Liming Qiao, head of the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) ...

buoyant steelmakers still hoping for more Buoyant steelmakers still hoping for more

17:10 | 02/03/2021

Listed steel companies announced breakthrough business results in the fourth quarter of 2020, enticing potential investment in the sector, and ending a successful year that ...

apt solutions sought for local solar power Apt solutions sought for local solar power

08:00 | 25/02/2021

The year 2021 will be characterised by an even bigger challenge for the authorities and developers to standardise the quality level of rooftop installations in ...

net tightens on fake goods scammers Net tightens on fake goods scammers

16:34 | 26/01/2021

There are calls to multiply efforts to punish violators who trade in counterfeit products in order to protect brands and consumer rights, after an investigation ...

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