petro insurance stocks drive market up Petro, insurance stocks drive market up

17:08 | 12/12/2018

Vietnamese shares advanced slightly on Wednesday morning, driven by petroleum and insurance companies.

global volunteers arrive with ambitions for brighter future Global volunteers arrive with ambitions for brighter future

16:42 | 12/12/2018

The multitude of charitable activities such as poverty reduction and ­community development undertaken by international volunteers have made great contributions to the development of Vietnam. ...

arrests raise loan sharks higher on social agenda Arrests raise loan sharks higher on social agenda

16:36 | 12/12/2018

Vietnamese authorities have vowed to clamp down on ­illegal moneylenders after the biggest loan shark group in the country was found to be torturing staff ...

encouraging an investor friendly framework for the capital market Encouraging an investor-friendly framework for the capital market

16:21 | 12/12/2018

The vibrant demand for private sector funding requires  development of the capital-financial market in Vietnam. ­Konaka Tetsuo, the Japan International Cooperation Agency’s chief representative of ...

expanding agricultural brands Expanding agricultural brands

16:13 | 12/12/2018

As a country with sizeable agricultural and handicraft production, Vietnam has a lot of excellent regional ­products, specialities, and handicraft items of very high quality. ...

potential new contender to challenge e commerce Potential new contender to challenge e-commerce

15:33 | 12/12/2018

In tackling violations by e-commerce firms related to low-quality goods and fake discounts, the opening of dedicated shopping websites is set to become an inevitable ...

expressway concessions in deadlock Expressway concessions in deadlock

15:20 | 12/12/2018

Despite recent positive signals, the road for foreign investors to acquire expressway concessions in Vietnam remains long due to the lack of legal framework, hindering ...

vbf 2018 urges vietnam to push home advantage VBF 2018 urges Vietnam to push home advantage

15:13 | 12/12/2018

Private financiers are expected to approach more bankable ­ investment projects, particularly in  infrastructure development in Vietnam on the back of the government's strong new ...

linking business for optimum gain Linking business for optimum gain

14:07 | 12/12/2018

With the need for boosting sustainable development reforms amid Industry 4.0 becoming imperative, Vietnam is scratching its head over how to create a sturdy community ...

ups appoints russell reed to lead package operations in vietnam UPS appoints Russell Reed to lead package operations in Vietnam

12:15 | 12/12/2018

Russell Reed's appointment by UPS comes with the company's renewed commitment to customers in Vietnam and Thailand.

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