smoother path expected after bumpy week for oil Smoother path expected after bumpy week for oil

15:51 | 13/02/2020

Despite global oil prices experiencing a tumultuous week due to the huge drop in Chinese oil demand, some Vietnamese oil and logistics businesses remain positive ...

positioning ai startups for success Positioning AI startups for success

14:35 | 08/10/2019

If AI startups cannot jump the hurdles, their good ideas will never leave the drawing board.

no fix for kai yang after deadbeat owners escaped with assets No fix for Kai Yang after deadbeat owners escaped with assets

10:35 | 03/09/2019

There is no happy ending for the 2,000 workers of KaiYang Vietnam Co., Ltd. as the deadbeat business owners silently dispersed their assets before fleeing.

asia foodfest highlights opportunities Asia Foodfest highlights opportunities

09:00 | 26/01/2019

The Quan Ngua sports stadium in Hanoi last week was abnormally packed with people of all ages...

180000 dutch tulip flowers blossom in vietnam 180,000 Dutch tulip flowers blossom in Vietnam

09:00 | 29/12/2018

Local could enjoy the sight of nearly 180,000 tulips imported from the Netherlands at the spring flower garden of the EcoPark urban area.

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