broken oil pipe of chinfon causes environmental pollution Broken oil pipe of Chinfon causes environmental pollution

10:10 | 16/11/2019

Two days after an oil pipe broke at its incinerator, Haiphong city-based Chinfon Cement Corporation has to co-operate with the authorities to deal with the ...

former president of inter milan withdraws from ninh van bay Former president of Inter Milan withdraws from Ninh Van Bay

10:07 | 16/11/2019

Recapital Investments Pte., Ltd. officially sold its majority stake in Ninh Van Bay Travel Real Estate JSC and withdrew from the Board of Directors.

the first time korean company acquires local pharmaceutical The first time: Korean company acquires local pharmaceutical

10:06 | 16/11/2019

JW Pharmaceutical Corporation acquired Euvipharm, becoming the first Korean company to take over a Vietnamese pharmaceutical company and operate it directly.

improving frameworks in order to reach the industry 40 peak Improving frameworks in order to reach the Industry 4.0 peak

10:00 | 16/11/2019

New disruptive technologies associated with Industry 4.0 are changing how companies do business, and so finding a mechanism to adapt these new technologies to modern ...

heavy snow leaves one dead 300000 homes without power in france Heavy snow leaves one dead, 300,000 homes without power in France

09:50 | 16/11/2019

Heavy snowfall across a large swath of southeast France has left one person dead and cut power to some 300,000 homes, with icy conditions snarling ...

exiled k pop star backed by court after draft dodging Exiled K-pop star backed by court after draft-dodging

09:43 | 16/11/2019

A K-pop singer who was deported and barred from South Korea for avoiding conscription by becoming a US citizen should be allowed to return after ...

france reverse palm oil tax break after outcry France reverse palm oil tax break after outcry

09:32 | 16/11/2019

France's parliament on Friday voted down a proposed tax break on palm oil - which would have hugely benefited energy giant Total - after lawmakers ...

nadal sweats on semis spot at atp finals after beating tsitsipas Nadal sweats on semis spot at ATP Finals after beating Tsitsipas

09:28 | 16/11/2019

Rafael Nadal recovered to beat Stefanos Tsitsipas 6-7 (4/7), 6-4, 7-5 on Friday (Nov 15) but faces an anxious wait to find out whether he ...

french tourist killed taking selfie at thai waterfall French tourist killed taking selfie at Thai waterfall

09:24 | 16/11/2019

A French tourist has died after falling from a waterfall while trying to take a selfie in Thailand, police said Friday (Nov 15).

airbus plane sent back to engineers in france after wet sock complaint Airbus plane sent back to engineers in France after 'wet sock' complaint

09:18 | 16/11/2019

A new Airbus plane will be sent back to engineers in France following complaints of a "smell of wet sock" from cabin crew in the ...

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