Apple iPhone users hit by iOS bug that crashes phone repeatedly

19:10 | 03/12/2017
SINGAPORE: A bug in Apple's iPhone operating system (iOS) 11.1.2 is causing iPhones to reboot repeatedly, and randomly.
photo source : AFP

Tech sites reported that users around the world have been affected, and the problem apparently started once the clock hit 12.15am on Saturday (Dec 2) in the respective time zones. 

The issue seemed to stem from mobile apps that offer local reminders or daily notifications such as WhatsApp or WeChat.

In Singapore, iPhone user Madz Anthony Dimaiwat said he woke up on Saturday morning to realise that his three-day-old iPhone X kept turning off "every 20 seconds".

The 31-year-old design engineer said he tried various ways to fix it but to no avail. 

"I did a lot of things already. Like resetting it into a new phone and restoring to my back-up. So troublesome," he told Channel NewsAsia.

He added that he contacted Apple's international support team on Twitter at 8.45am on Saturday and received a case identification number for the issue. 

However, he was informed that a senior advisor would only call back at around 9pm as their support team, based in the US, was "headed out for the night".

It was a similar story for another user, Ms Tricia Ong, who said she updated her iOS to 11.1.2 on Saturday morning.

"Almost every app I went into blacked out and crashed within seconds. Chrome crashed before I could scroll while reading an article. I can't even go into my alarm app, it's all black," she told Channel NewsAsia. 

The 29-year-old who works in the finance industry then headed to the Apple store along Orchard Road in an attempt to get the problem fixed. 

"They said it's a global issue affecting certain phones worldwide. They are still trying to rectify it. A lot of people were in the store enquiring about the same issue."

She said Apple staff at the Orchard store told her to switch off the auto function for date and time, turn off notifications, back up her data and restore her iPhone as a temporary fix.

Channel NewsAsia understands that not every user who downloaded iOS 11.1.2 experienced the loop crashing issue.

THE FIX - iOS 11.2

The global problem prompted Apple to release a how-to guide on its website on getting around the issue. 

The tech giant said users should turn off notifications for all the apps on their phone, download the latest iOS 11.2 and then turn the notifications back on again.

This worked for Mr Dimaiwat who said his iPhone X is now "doing well".

Before iOS 11.2 was hurriedly released by Apple on a weekend, some users had suggested setting a date before Dec 2 to fix the issue temporarily.


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