Party Central Committee’s 2nd meeting closes

10:06 | 11/07/2011

The second meeting of the 11 th Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee (CPVCC) wrapped up in Hanoi on July 10 after one week of sitting.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong stressed that the meeting raised high the spirit of responsibility and promoted democracy with frank discussions which contributed many important ideas to draft documents.

According to the Party leader, the CPVCC agreed to include 24 groups of important and necessary issues into its Working Programme for the whole 11th tenure.

Compared to the draft, the CPVCC added three groups of issues to the Programme, including regulations on implementing the Party Statute, preliminary wrapping-up of the implementation of the Resolution of the 3rd meeting of the 10 th CPVCC on corruption and wastefulness prevention and summarisation of the 10-year implementation of the Resolution of the 8 th meeting of the 10 th CPVCC on the national protection strategy in the new situation.

The CPVCC emphasised the need to prioritise implementing key tasks and strategic breakthroughs set out by the 11th National Party Congress, such as perfecting institutions, developing human resources and building infrastructure; speeding up the Party building and reorganising, and strengthening the political system; preventing corruption and wastefulness; doing well personnel planning work, especially in strategic levels; and renovating the Party’s mode of leadership.

Mentioning the working regulations of the CPVCC, the Politburo and the CPVCC Secretariat adopted at the meeting, Trong stressed that the effective implementation of these regulations will help further promote the strength of joint efforts and democracy in the activities of the CPVCC, the Politburo, the CPVCC Secretariat and the CPVCC Commission for Inspection as well as seriously keep rules and disciplines in the Party.

"The regulations will ensure a regime of collective leadership, strengthen individual responsibility, improve the quality and effectiveness of the Party’s leadership, promote the activeness, creativeness and responsibility of organisations in the political system, intensify the strength of the solidarity and unity in the Party, and renew the Party’s leadership,” he said.

Regarding the supplementation and amendment of the 1992 Constitution, the Party chief said that the meeting discussed and reached a high consensus on the steering viewpoints and thoughts as well as implementation orientations and methods.

He stressed that the amendment of the 1992 Constitution should base on the summing-up of the execution of the 1992 Constitution, contents of the platform on national construction in the transition period to socialism and other documents of the 11th National Party Congress.

The amendments should inherit the regulations of the 1992 Constitution and previous constitutional documents that remain appropriate and they should add more necessary contents to meet the demand of the new situation, he added.

The meeting affirmed that the nature and overall model of the political institution and State apparatus is a socialist rule-of-law state of people, by people and for people and led by the Communist Party.

The State aims to develop a socialist-oriented market economy, respect and ensure human rights and the rights to freedom and democracy of citizens, practise socialist democracy, strengthen rules and disciplines, and build the great national unity bloc.

The Party leader went on to say that the amendment of the constitution should be implemented in a strict and scientific manner under the leadership of the Party.

There should be a mechanism that ensures the participation of experts, scientists and managers, he said.

Regarding the nomination of key leaders to State agencies, Trong stated that the authorised agencies are continuing to complete the nomination options to be submitted to the National Assembly for consideration, election or approval.

Assessing the national situation in the first six months of 2011, the Party chief said that the CPVCC recognised great efforts by the entire Party, army and people in overcoming newly emerging difficulties and challenges in the country, the region and the world, and recording initial positive results in socio-economic development.

The country has maintained its economic growth at a reasonable rate with sharply increasing export turnover, positive developments in the foreign exchange market, increased state budget collection and secured social welfares, he noted.

With many difficulties and challenges forecast for the second half of 2011 and 2012, the Party leader stressed that this situation requires the consistent and drastic implementation of measures to curb inflation, stabilise the macro economy and ensure social security in the last months of 2011 and several following years.

“Better implementing a foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, diversification and multilateralisation of international relations, Vietnam is willing to be a friend of all countries and a reliable partner of the international community as well as maintain independence, sovereignty and a stable and peace environment for cooperation and development,” he affirmed.

On the same day, the CPVCC issued an announcement on the meeting, calling on the whole Party, army and people to promote achieved results, strengthen solidarity, make efforts to overcome every difficulty and challenge and successfully implement the Resolution of the 11th National Party Congress.

The immediate task is to well prepare for the first session of the 13th National Assembly, speed up patriotic emulation movements and fulfill socio-economic development tasks in 2011, creating a premise for the strong and firm development of the country in the following years, the announcement stressed.

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