INTEK creating diverse challenges for IT students

09:00 | 28/07/2020

Alleviating workforce shortages in the technology industry, the Institute of Applied Technology INTEK is opening opportunities for people from all walks of life to discover their IT talent and land desirable jobs.

1502p19 intek creating diverse challenges for it students
Project-based learning can help students educate themselves

Blitz Mode 2020 is the newest INTEK recruitment mode, which provides prospects for people who are interested in technology to experience the group’s outstanding Full Stack Developer curriculum.

Each eventful Sunday is composed of an IT IQ test, teamwork activities, and interviews held for participants to discover whether they are suited for a job as an IT developer.

Plus, those who yearn to enrol in the three-month programme could receive 30 per cent off tuition fees after three months of learning.

Students who come to INTEK receive the most innovative educational practices from around the globe, prompting the best approach of IT knowledge. Plus, the institute provides a learning place full of soft skills and project-minded, product-oriented, team players, English proficient and customer-facing – all required at a real company.

In addition to project-based learning, INTEK educates people to freely shape their future by having a sense of responsibility, allaying their fear of change, and being willing to apply their thinking, creativity, and initiative into their works to embrace the digital revolution.

“We are focusing on teaching our students how to adapt themselves to anything that might happen in the future. What we are trying to develop in INTEK is teaching them to learn how to learn”, stated Chinh Phan, adding more to the core institute’s educational value of talent catalyst and creative culture booster, as well as a future-ready and future-proof mindset.

Vietnam currently lacks skillful engineers and, while the technology industry stimulates development of big cities, the number of competent engineers can not accommodate the requirements of substantial quantity. Additionally, the number of graduate engineers who can get decent jobs could be counted on one hand.

INTEK designs the right environment and ecosystem which will enable students to nurture their inner talent and unleash their potential.

It dignifies connections among people in the institute, prompting a good co-working environment which prepares them with proper skills needed for their future careers. It is certain that every student who becomes an INTEKer and graduates from INTEK can meet the realistic demands of IT companies and earn a high salary.

A good name is developed, not by one broad stroke of a brush, but by many small acts over a period of time.

After two years of presence in Vietnam, INTEK has proven its contribution in supporting accomplished engineers for the technology industry.

It highlighted an effective project-based learning method the institute uses to guide its students on the path to autonomy. Chinh Phan said, “Projects use the talents of each team member. People put something they know together in a basket to solve the problem. That’s what happens in a company: your boss gives you a project, a team is set up, everyone brings something to solve the issue.”

The new project-based learning model asks students to educate themselves together every moment once they carry out a project.

“It is different from traditional education,” said Chinh Phan. “Project-based learning is sharing and collaborating. The main strength of the method is when someone has an idea, that individual shares it with others, together, two or more of them will bring something new and valuable to the project and even community. Project-based learning is not about competition, but an environment that makes people feel uplifted and comfortable to share their information and ideas.”

INTEK encourages students to always ask themselves whether they are going in the right direction, sharing and learning from others to hit their target. Project-based learning models develop creative and critical thinking that allows people to confront problems, lead initiatives, and sound off.

The group plans to expand its scale to rural and remote areas, and hopes that with its efforts, people who are interested in IT can access good education.

Small acts can be built up and the best possible version of a person can be achieved, according to INTEK. It believes that by making a few steps every single day, the institute can contribute to the country’s development of highly-qualified and skilled engineers.

Phan Anh

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