Enjoy private and safe living space at King Palace

09:15 | 30/05/2020

No need to look further for their dream home, residents at King Palace can enjoy 24-hour resort living 365 days a year in a separate, private, and fully-equipped space.

According to the General Statistics Office, the current average population density in Hanoi is about 2,100 people per square kilometre, while the population is expected to increase by 200,000 each year, equivalent to the population of a large district. This has led to increasing pollution, serious traffic congestions, and above all, population density that makes life a chore.

Urbanisation is making Hanoi cramped, with land funds increasingly scarce. Most high-rise apartment buildings only solve the "residential" issues as the investors are maximising construction density, especially at apartment buildings in the inner city.

Most upper class buyers prefer modern high-rise apartments, which are convenient for the commute to the inner city. However, they are growing tired of centrally-located projects which simply cannot meet their needs for privacy – and so are moving to projects in suburban areas.

Located at 108 Nguyen Trai – the arterial road connecting the old and new half of the capital which is one of the few remaining downtown locations – King Palace is a rare luxury apartment project that meets the needs of a central location while retaining privacy for the owners.

enjoy private and safe living space at king palace
King Palace is located between the intersection of the old and new halves of Hanoi

Living in isolation in the inner city

Located in the heart of the bustling and vibrant city centre, stepping into King Palace is a completely different world. With a limited number of only 410 apartments and 13 units on one floor, King Palace is viewed by experts as an ideal living space with the necessary privacy for the owner of each apartment. In addition, the with 24/7 camera system installed from the lobby to each apartment corridor will be an added layer of protection for the privacy of residents.

Stepping through the doors of the hall to King Palace welcomes residents and visitors with a feeling of freshness and relaxation that permeats each living space because the investor has connected each room to the fresh air supply system, meeting the standards of a five-star hotel. This keeps the air in the apartments always fresh and unaffected by the air pollution common to modern cities. The walls of the apartments are also painted with Ales Shiqui paint that offers antibacterial features and superior fire resistance.

enjoy private and safe living space at king palace
Entering King Palace is a world separate and distinct from the bustling metropolis outside

Besides, King Palace's kitchens were designed to be separate from the living area, bringing privacy and helping homeowners feel more relaxed when cooking, and making the kitchen more open.

Notably, the investor has designed each apartment to include a multi-purpose room – a place for the owner to show their personalities and personal taste by creating a unique living space.

Located in the heart of the bustling and vibrant centre, stepping into King Palace is a completely opposite world.

Residents will not have to go far to find a place to relax because right at King Palace, there are full utilities to serve their daily needs. Along with this, there is a commercial and service area at the podium level; Maple Bear International Preschool in the building; Rooftop swimming pool on the highest floor of Thanh Xuan district; and a gym full of modern equipment to help residents take care of their health, just to name a few of the utilities.

“I have lived in Hanoi for 15 years and always feel suffocated with the polluted atmosphere of the inner city. Because of my own work and my children’s education, the whole family is still living here,” said Le Nguyen Duc Bui, a young businessman.

“Therefore, finding an apartment with enough privacy, safety, and security for my family was our main criteria when choosing a residence. Luckily, King Palace has met all these requirements, and my wife and I did not spend too much time thinking before signing a contract to buy a three-bedroom apartment here."

enjoy private and safe living space at king palace
In every apartment of King Palace, there is a ‘multipurpose room’ for the owners to express their personal tastes

King Palace is now entering the final stage of completion before handing units over to residents in the fourth quarter of 2020. Sample apartments and samples of entire floors at the project have been completed to welcome customers. Besides, every weekend, the investors organise tea parties so that future residents can visit the apartments and sample floors as well as learn more about the project.

For more information about King Palace, please contact:

Exclusive Distributor of the project: Century Real Estate JSC (CenLand)

King Palace – “Where Kings live”

Address: 108 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi.

Website: www.kingpalacehanoi.vn

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