Australia’s SunRice Group acquires rice processing factory in Vietnam

09:21 | 12/11/2018

This is the first direct investment of SunRice Group in Vietnam, and a significant step towards developing a full and sustainable supply chain in the country.

australias sunrice group acquires rice processing factory in vietnam
Australia’s SunRice Group's new rice processing factory in Vietnam

Autralia’s SunRice Group has just announced completing the acquisition of a rice processing factory in Dong Thap province. According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, this group will improve and expand the factory, as well as purchase equipment for whitening and polishing rice grains.

Additionally, SunRice will also equip a new packaging line for the factory to meet the requirements and standards of high-quality products.

The factory is expected to be operational by the first half of next year (2019) with the annual capacity of around 260,000 tonnes of dried rice.

Rob Gordon, executive director of SunRice, revealed that the group signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with two provinces in the Mekong Delta Region in order to maintain the growth of rice resources and match the technical requirements of SunRice’s consuming markets.

Rob Gordon added that acquiring the rice processing factory in Vietnam is part of a series of investments drawn up in SunRice’s strategy by 2022.

Over many decades of steady development, SunRice has grown into was one of Australia’s leading branded food exporters. With revenues in excess of $1 billion and operations and markets spanning the globe, SunRice supplies close to 60 countries with diverse and nutritious food products.

SunRice has been using Vietnamese Japonica and Indica rice for more than ten years. In the last three years, SunRice purchased $200 million of rice and accounted for 5 per cent of Vietnam’s rice export volume.

In addition to buying rice, SunRice is contributing to the development of Vietnam’s rice value chain and the improvement of the export capacity of high-value Japonica rice to its global markets.

Nguyen Huong

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