Dekalb holds charity medical programme in Son La

06:52 | 24/08/2018

In mid-August 2018, amidst forecasts that Tropical Storm No.4 is approaching Northern Vietnam, a team of officers from Dekalb Vietnam and Hanoi Medical University carried out the Charity Medical Services for the Health of Northern Farmers programme for almost 600 farmers and children in Moc Chau, Son La. Moreover, the team went on a field trip to discover Son La’s corn production model in the company of Hanoi Medical University and Vietnam National University of Agriculture students.

dekalb holds charity medical programme in son la
Dekalb and doctors from universities offering free medical care

Working together for the health of northern farmers

Arriving in the Northern mountainous region in the middle of the rainy season, the free medical programme administered by doctors (associate professors, doctors, and leading physicians) from Hanoi Medical University, was Dekalb Vietnam’s gift to the impoverished families in Son La who were the victims of a natural disaster. This also demonstrated the company’s strong commitment to improving the living standards of farmers, from their livelihood to their health.

As the lead organiser of the programme, Aruna Rachakonda, director in chief of Dekalb Vietnam, shares, “Although we planned more than 1 mission during this visit, thanks to the great efforts and participation of members from Hanoi Medical University and Vietnam National University of Agriculture, the team was able to pull it off.”

“Within two days, we not only provided medical services to almost 600 farmers in Son La to keep with our commitment to improve their living standards, but also successfully completed the field trip to the high-quality and high-nutrition corn production model. We hope that the free medical programme will help improve the health of Northern farmers so that they can maintain stable production, obtain more profit, and cultivate more bountiful harvests,” Rachakonda added.

Nguyen Van Khuong, head of the medical team from Hanoi Medical University, said, “This trip by more than 30 doctors from Hanoi Medical University is aimed towards one common goal—to provide medical services and advice to Northern farmers. We wish you all good health so that you may better resume production and garner wealth for your families and our society.”

Smiles despite heavy storms

Informed in advance about the free medical programme schedule by the provincial authorities, Son La farmers were present at the programme site from early on. Many three-generation families participated, including the elderly who required a translator. Although the temporary infirmary was somewhat lacking in equipment compared to central hospitals, the team’s doctors worked tirelessly to care for each patient.

Vi Thi Chinh, a resident in Bo Sap village, Long Sap district, who was transported to the site by Dekalb Vietnam’s cars, reported, “I thought Dekalb only sold corn seeds; I did not think that they would bring doctors here to treat us. I have been planting Dekalb corn all these years and was able to save money, buy a motorbike and a fridge—our lives are so much better. Today, we were so excited to be transported by car to get medical services and be given medication. I hope the company will organise more programmes like these for us farmers, since so many of us are ill but unable to travel or pay for treatment.”

Just as the amiable farmer wishes, Dekalb Vietnam and the team from Hanoi Medical University hope to have more opportunities such as this to visit impoverished communities and support people to improve their livelihoods.

Combining meaningful and practical activities

Within the perimeters of the programme, the team of doctors and students from Hanoi Medical University, along with teachers and students from Vietnam National University of Agriculture, was given the opportunity to visit the high-quality, highly efficient, and nutritious corn production model. The team was able to personally learn about the research, development, and introduction processes in manufacturing agricultural products, which helps farmers increase their productivity and provide plentiful resources to communities. The future generation of agriculture researchers was also able to learn from one another about safe food production “from the farm to the table.”

Talking about her experiences after a day of providing healthcare to the people of the north, Khanh Linh, a resident doctor at Hanoi Medical University, said, “The free healthcare programme for farmers by Dekalb Vietnam is a truly meaningful and practical programme designed to improve the health of rural communities, especially ethnic groups in Moc Chau.”

“Through the programme, people not only receive preliminary treatment from doctors, but also instructions on treating common illnesses. We also gave out free medication, thus contributing to the general health of farmers. I propose that agricultural companies get more involved in organising events such as this to help farmers not only with their crops and production technique, but also with their health. That is, in my opinion, the way to develop sustainable agriculture.”

dekalb holds charity medical programme in son la
dekalb holds charity medical programme in son la
dekalb holds charity medical programme in son la
dekalb holds charity medical programme in son la

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