Motan pours high value into Vietnam’s industry

09:25 | 16/07/2018

As a leading global solution provider for drying, conveying, dosing, mixing, and measured feeding in the form of solids and powders, Motan (HK) Ltd. prepares for the Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2018.

motan pours high value into vietnams industry

The company’s Asia Pacific president Bing Hianco told VIR’s Phuong Thu about the forthcoming opportunities on the Vietnamese market.

What are the key products Motan offers to its customers?

We have great experience in providing material handling solutions for injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding machines. Our solutions are widely used in the automotive industry, the medical industry, the optical industry, the electronics industry, plastic pipes and plastic sheets, wires and cables, packaging, and all kinds of plastic processing industries.

We provide the largest and most sophisticated plastic material handling solutions in the world, with the highest-quality equipment. Our products include dehumidifying dryers, volumetric and gravimetric blenders, hopper loaders, lost-in-weigh dosing and mixing stations to form an automatic central material handling system, and more, covering the entirety of plastic material processing.

Our products are made for the plastics compounding and processing industries. We help customers optimise their process, from storage and drying to conveying, dosing, and mixing and all in conjunction with an intelligent control network. From our comprehensive product portfolio, we offer solutions geared to every need and every budget. Our market is expanding all over the world.

What is your perspective on industrial production and trade in Vietnam, and how does Motan help Vietnamese manufacturers improve their production to meet the demand for highly sophisticated products?

Vietnam is an emerging market in Southeast Asia, and many companies are turning to the country for investment. The plastics industry in Vietnam has maintained a steady growth rate recently. Vietnam mainly exports plastic products to Europe, the US, South Korea, Russia, and Japan.

Motan is a wholly owned subsidiary established by Motan Group. It owns the Motan and Colortronic brands. Our products have German high-quality technology used with German standards. We also provide technical consultations to local firms as well as foreign-invested companies.

With our slogan “Think material management”, Motan offers one standard to our customers around the world. We do not have products of a lower quality for developing markets. We will train our customers to understand the best use of world-class equipment and the importance of total cost of ownership.

With this approach, they will acquire the knowledge to purchase and operate Motan’s systems and maximise the equipment’s available time, eliminate down time, as well as reduce waste. Our partners are present all over Asia and we act as a hub for sharing knowledge in terms of sales aspects and training.

Manufacturing is changing with the rise of Industry 4.0. Could you tell us what impact you expect this trend to have on Vietnam?

Vietnam’s industry will become more and more intelligent and Industry 4.0 will transform manufacturing. Industry 4.0 is nothing new for Motan. It is all about automation, networking, and data acquisition/logging, as well as communication with customisation.

Motan started to supply automated central systems decades ago. We are the most experienced and qualified solution provider in this area, and we have supplied the largest systems to control thousands of machines.

Motan also established two application centres in Asia to fulfil the increasing demand of special application requirements and Industry 4.0 applications. We can provide tailor-made solutions for our customers, including customers in Vietnam.

What is the reason for your plan to attend the Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2018?

The growth of the past and the potential for the future is the reason why we attend the Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2018.

Our logo, the Motan swallow, represents our company values: flexibility, reliability, and a positive mindset open for new opportunities. We think Vietnam is a very promising market. No matter what difficulties we will meet, Motan is willing to face all upcoming challenges. In the next three years, we will invest heavily in Asian markets.

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