MBLand Holdings comes under fire for sub-par premium apartments

11:46 | 15/07/2018

MBLand Holdings has promised to apply automatic parking technology in the basement floors of the Golden Field My Dinh project to increase parking slots, but has not followed up on its commitments, while the walls of several apartments were cracked a couple of months after being finished. 

mbland holdings come under fire for sub par premium apartments

MBLand's Golden Field My Dinh located in My Dinh 1 urban area

Residents could move in to the thirty-storey Golden Field My Dinh building with 389 premium apartments on the corner of Nguyen Co Thach-Ham Nghi streets, South Tu Liem district, Hanoi from the first quarter of 2018.

However, the local authorities have pointed out a number of violations of the fire code. Additionally, residents of the building complained about the quality of building, service fees, and compliance with the project design.

According to a complaint letter of Golden Field My Dinh residents, the developer of this building has violated regulations of Decision No.1969/QD-UBND dated April 22, 2016. In essence, the communal area—including 6,775 square metres of parking area in the three basement floors, 315sq.m of community living room at the fourth floor, and 14,655sq.m of traffic and technical support for the whole building—should be under joint ownership.

However, in the purchase contract between the developer and residents, all of these areas have been determined to belong to MBLand.

mbland holdings come under fire for sub par premium apartments
The automatic parking system has not been installed yet

Also according to Decision 1969, MBLand has to develop resolutions of automatic parking to increase parking space. However, the developer has yet to do so, while the building has already been put into operation, and the number of residents has been increasing. This makes residents worry about a potential overload at the basement parking lot.

There are only 200 parking slots now, while the number of apartments is 389. Pham Viet Cong, a resident of Golden Field My Dinh, told infonet.vn: “If the building does not apply automatic parking, there will not be enough parking slots for all, and the building cannot guarantee a slot for each apartment. We do not know why the developer has not complied with the decision of the Hanoi’s People’s Committee yet.”

In last April, the fire department checked the building and detected numerous issues related to fire safety. The building did not pass the pre-acceptance test. Thereby, the agency has fined the developer and recommended all organisations, individuals, and households not to move into this unsafe building.

mbland holdings come under fire for sub par premium apartments
The wall has cracked after only a few months

Additionally, residents of Golden Field My Dinh also raised various problems in building quality. The walls of several apartments numbered XX12, XX18, and XX19 have been cracked, and the plaster is starting to break.

Moreover, air from the ventilation system is directly discharged onto balconies and the corridor on every floor, instead of the designated discharge method. Corridors on all floors and basement floors lack fresh air, giving residents a feeling of suffocation.

The quality of this building’s services is too bad. Corridors and elevators are always busy, the smell of garbage permeates residential areas as waste is not moved out regularly, and basement B1 still has construction waste.

All these problems have been noted and sent to the developer and the local authorities via documents, but residents have not receive a response yet. The representative of residents said that if MBLand Holdings does not deign to issue feedback or resolve the issues after receiving the third complaint letter, they will resort to stronger action to claim their legitimate rights after they have spent billions of Vietnamese dongs for these “premium apartments.”

Earlier, on May 9, another project of MBLand Holdings JSC, MB Grand Tower on Le Van Luong street caught fire. The fire started at the technical room and eight fire engines were sent to the scene. Fortunately, the tower had yet to be put into operation and the fire did not have any casualties.

Nguyen Huong

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