KPMG holds seminar series on Vietnam’s changing tax landscape

15:03 | 20/12/2017

Professional services firm KPMG discussed the impacts of Vietnam's latest tax updates in three seminars in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Danang this December.

The panelists answering questions from attendees

The three tax issue seminars provided participants with an update on recent changes in the Vietnamese tax system and their impact on the business community, as well as a comprehensive overview of the Vietnamese tax environment. Each of the seminars has attracted more than 500 representatives from leading firms.

The seminar in Danang saw great interest

At the seminars, KPMG experts emphasised the importance of being up-to-date on tax changes in Vietnam, as the country is signing trade deals with 40 countries, which includes agreements to lower taxes, duties, and tariffs.

The Vietnamese government is now facing budgetary problems as the need for public spending is increasing, while earnings from import duties are falling. This will lead to further tax adjustments in 2018, according to KPMG.

The event in Ho Chi Minh City

Participants have put various questions to the experts during the three seminars. The most prominent topics included corporate income tax, value-added tax, foreign contractor tax, and warehouse leasing tax.

The seminar in Hanoi

Related issues, such as transfer pricing and double taxation agreements between Vietnam and other countries, were also discussed.

In the near future, KPMG Vietnam is going to hold tailored tax seminars for companies from South Korea and Japan. A seminar in Mandarin, in collaboration with KPMG Taiwan, will also be organised for Chinese-speaking firms operating in Vietnam.

Not stopping here, the professional services firm is planning to organise specific tax discussions for firms in industrial parks and manufacturing parks.

KPMG Tax Institute is an annual event run by KPMG. 

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