Prudential launches multiple rider plans for ‘Pru-Wealth Assured’

15:29 | 18/11/2016

Prudential has introduced a variety of rider plans as an extension of its investment-linked “PRU-Wealth Assured” product.

This is a comprehensive package that combines investments and protection coverage, catering to the rising demand for diversified insurance products in the country. 

PRU-Wealth Assured package offers customers three major benefits: the opportunity for high return on investment, enhanced wealth accumulation, and the flexibility to financially prepare for unexpected life changes. 

With PRU-Wealth Assured, policyholders will have the opportunity to grow their financial assets through six PRUlink fund options. They can choose to invest their premiums in a single fund, or multiple funds, depending on their investment objectives and risk appetites. PRUlink funds are professionally managed by the leading asset management company in Vietnam – Eastspring Investments. 

“Investment-linked product (ILP) has quickly become one of the most preferred financial options for Vietnamese citizens as it provides a wide range of benefits. Furthermore, policyholders’ investments will be managed by a team of experienced and knowledgeable financial experts from Eastspring Investments Vietnam,” said Phuong Tien Minh, chief marketing officer, Prudential Vietnam. “PRU-Wealth Assured has been carefully researched, intelligently designed, and proudly introduced to the market as a prime example of ILP. With its attractive benefits, not only can PRU-Wealth Assured ensure that customers’ are sufficiently protected, it can also bring them closer to their desired financial plans. Prudential believes that PRU-Wealth Assured will become one of the best available products for every Vietnamese citizen.”

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By Hong Anh

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