MHBS Strengthens Its Market Position

11:08 | 26/07/2010

Keeping a close watch on any changes on the securities market to make a suitable actions plan for each time period, the MHB Securities Corporation (MHBS), which has been operational for three years, has achieved good results. In 2009, it held a market share of 2.4 percent, contributing considerably to the development of the Vietnamese securities market.

Doan Viet Thang, the deputy general director of MHBS, said that in the past three years, despite the adverse impacts of the global financial crisis, the corporation maintained its firm position on the market and grew strongly. MHBS is becoming a reliable partner and the first choice of individual and corporate investors when they look for a securities broker.

The corporation has improved the transaction system and has a customer care team responsible for providing customers with updated information about the market in order to minimize the losses that the global economic recession can cause for investors. With its strong financial capacity and the long experience of its founding shareholder - the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta Development Bank, MHBS is willing to share information, relations and financial resources as well as difficulties with customers on the spirit of equality and mutual benefit. The corporation is committed to protecting and minimizing risks for investors with support of a modern information technology system. Market share and competitiveness are the two important factors that make up MHBS' success. To make it different from other securities companies, MHBS pays much attention to modernizing technology, diversifying products and services, strengthening the financial capacity and especially human resource training. "We understand that a good company cannot lack qualified human resources.

For companies that operate in the service sector, human resources play a very important role. Hence as soon as we were assigned by MHB to establish a securities company, we paid immediate attention to attracting talented people to work for the company," said Doan Viet Thang. To further develop with the Vietnamese securities market in the future, MHBS is expanding its operation network to have 30 transaction points throughout the country. T

he corporation expects that by the end of 2010 its market share will increase to three percent and the number of securities accounts it manages will reach 15,000; total value of MHBS' assets is projected to hit VND1 trillion, and chartered capital to increase to VND300 billion. Under its development strategy, from 2015, MHBS will operate in the form of an investment bank. Its objective is to become one of the top 10 securities companies in Vietnam, to hold a market share of seven percent and to manage 75,000 securities accounts.

However, Doan Viet Thang said that for the Vietnamese securities market to develop in a sustainable manner, it is necessary to accelerate the computerization of transaction activities, upgrade the infrastructure, diversify products, attract investment from foreign investors and put in place clear tax policies. Notably, in his opinion, the Government's role in regulating the development of the securities market must be strengthened./.

By Nguyen Boi

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