Dong Nai's industrial zones celebrate 20 years of success

17:21 | 15/04/2015

The Dong Nai Provincial Industrial Zones Management Authority celebrated their 20th anniversary last week.

dong nais industrial zones celebrate 20 years of success

Dong Nai now hosts 31 industrial zones (IZs), providing employment for approximately 470,000 workers. The local IZs’ average occupancy rate is 67 per cent, with one third of the zones boasting full.

In the course of 20 years, Dong Nai's IPs have attracted 1,342 projects, including 973 foreign invested ones, with the total registered capital of $17.7 billion, and 369 domestic projects worth $1.98 billion. In 2014 alone, the province attracted more than $ 1.5 billion.

In the first three months of 2015, the management board granted investment certificates to 33 FDI projects with the total investment capital of $157 million, including 19 new projects with the registered investment capital of $85 million.

By Thanh Van

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