Manulife supports rural development in Cao Bang

14:00 | 18/11/2013

Manulife Vietnam, one of the top players in Vietnam’s life insurance market, last week granted VND275 million ($13,000) to Truong Ha commune in northern highland province of Cao Bang province’s Ha Quang district to provide computers, photocopiers and projectors for local schools.

Manulife Vietnam granted $13,000 to Truong Ha commune

“Having had a chance to visit Truong Ha, we deeply sympathise with the difficulties the people here are facing. I hope that this gift from Manulife Vietnam provides some benefit to local pupils and helps them in becoming key factors to eliminate poverty,” said Manulife Vietnam’s chief executive officer (CEO) Chung Ba Phuong.

Truong Ha was added to the list of model communes for new rural development in 2012 by National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung when he visited the commune and historic revolutionary Pac Bo site.

As of June 2013, Truong Ha had attained six criteria on new rural development and was attempted to reach nine targets by the end of this year.

According to Truong Ha commune People’s Committee chairman Dam Van Truong, the mountainous commune shares a 10 kilometre border with China and accommodates over 1,000 residents mostly belonging to the Tay, Nung and H’mong ethnic groups. Over 90 per cent of the residents live on agriculture, chiefly cultivation and animal husbandry. 

“Due to the severe lack of arable land and heavy dependence on cultivation, the commune is still facing many hardships with a very low GDP per capita and a poverty rate surpassing 10 per cent. Therefore, local people have not paid enough attention to education,” said Truong.

In recognition of the support provided by Manulife Vietnam, individuals and businesses, Ha Quang district’s vice secretary Lanh Duc Dung promised to make an effective use of the public support to spur local development.

“We treasure the support Manulife Vietnam has provided for Truong Ha. From a low starting point, we’ll have to try our best to increase people’s living standards,” Dung underscored.

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