Calligrapher streets attract foreigners

09:45 | 04/04/2013

Calligrapher streets in the Van Mieu area have become a favoured destination for not only Vietnamese people, but also foreign visitors.

The large number of people, ranging from the elderly to young children, arriving at the streets to ask for calligraphy words, comes as a surprise to foreigners.

They are also excited when learning about the beautiful tradition of Vietnamese people of giving calligraphic words, as well as the meaning of Vietnamese and Chinese words written on pieces of red paper. 

According to the Vietnamese tradition, on the occasion of Tet, people ask for calligraphy words for peace and a happy and prosperous year.

Nowadays, together with hanging large calligraphy words at home during Tet, many people ask for smaller calligraphy words fit in their wallets.

Here are some photos:

A calligrapher writing words. Most of the calligraphers are from the Huong Nam the UNESCO Calligraphic Art Clubs.

Veteran and calligrapher Nguyen Manh Hung from the Huong Nam Club and his works

A foreign visitor taking photos on calligrapher streets

Wolfgang Habel, a German visitor, asking for calligraphy words

Visitors interested in calligraphy words

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