Apartment feng shui for owners of the West Quartet

20:51 | 27/04/2020
When choosing to buy a home, the most important factor for most is the siting and orientation of the building, then the view from the apartment. An apartment with both suitable direction and a nice view will be a source of vitality and fortune for homeowners all year round.

According to feng shui, choosing a house in the right direction, matching the destiny of the homeowner will be a wellspring of positive energy, helping the owner to sail smoothly.

This is also the reason why the apartments in the southwest (apartments 3, 5, 7, 9) at King Palace are popular, especially among businessmen of West Quartet: 40 years old (1977); 44 years old (1976); 51 years old (1969); 52 years old (1968); 59 years old (1961); 60 years old (1960). In addition, for people aged 40-60 with wood birth element, in addition to a convenient living place, are also looking for a home with the proper orientation and feng shui harmony.

A southwestern apartment will help homeowners reach many opportunities in their career, receive help from friends and colleagues in times of trouble, and achieve prosperity with plenty of luck or money, and a harmonious married life to boot. Not only that, southwestern-lying apartments are always flooded with natural light, bringing a natural source of vitality to the apartment.

apartment feng shui for owners of the west quartet
King Palace is especially popular among entrepreneurs from the west

Small details are the lifeblood of a good apartment with strong feng shui attributes. This has been the focus of King Palace's investors right from the design stage. Accordingly, apartments 3, 5, 7, 9 with an area of ​​81-124 square metres (2-3 bedrooms) at King Palace are designed to take full advantage of the southwest orientation to yield feng shui and practical boons for residents.

The living rooms of the apartments were designed with open space to make the most of the ample light with the two main colours of white and yellow. Floor to ceiling windows flood the living area in healthy, benevolent natural light. These large windows resonate with the prime location that offers a full view of the cityscape of Hanoi, overlooking the vibrant "new Hanoi" area.

In particular, King Palace has only 13 apartments on each floor so the density of residents is low, and the 2.8m wide corridors (exceeding the standards of a high-end project) bring quiet space and the necessary privacy for each apartment.

apartment feng shui for owners of the west quartet
All apartments have large windows for ample natural light

The apartment was also designed to optimise the use of utilities so that the owner can easily customise each room following their specific wants and needs: they can become shared space where the family gathers or private corners for the individual inside the family. This flexibility of space allows rooms to be used for any purpose: a private office, a library, a walk-in wardrobe, or a safe haven of relaxation and entertainment to retreat to after a long day.

apartment feng shui for owners of the west quartet
Each room at King Palace is provided with fresh air at the standard of a 5-star hotel

As the first project in Hanoi to supply fresh air to each apartment room, apartments 3, 5, 7, and 9 at King Palace are also equipped with a fresh air supply system satisfying the standards of a 5-star hotel, operating 24/7 to keep spaces fresh and airy. In the context of the current pollution and disease, an apartment that provides fresh air will help the owner to safeguard the health of their family is simply invaluable.

In addition, King Palace residents will be able to enjoy the project's closed ecosystem of relaxation and shopping at the commercial and service area just below the apartment block, stay healthy with the high-class gym, and relax while watching the capital sprawling under them from the rooftop swimming pool. Residents can also enjoy total peace of mind about the future of their children with a Maple Bear International Preschool right on their doorstep.

For more information about King Palace, please contact:

Exclusive Distributor of the project: Century Real Estate JSC – CenLand

King Palace – “Where Kings live”

Address: 108 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi.

Website: www.kingpalacehanoi.vn

By Nguyen Thu

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