An Giang farmers switch over to new-generation corn plants

16:25 | 08/06/2017
The majority of farmers in the Mekong Delta province of An Giang have switched to new generation corn plants to save production costs and improve productivity.
Farmers in the Mekong Delta region adopted Dekalb Vietnam's new-generation corn plants much faster than the company expected

More than 90 per cent of farmers in Tan An city and Tan Chau town of An Giang province are cultivating the weed- and insect-resistant Genuity corn seeds coded DK6919S and DK9955S. This is the highest adoption rate of the new-generation corn plants among Vietnamese farmers since its launch in 2015.

According to Huynh Duy Trac, technical manager of Dekalb Vietnam in Southeast Vietnam and the Mekong Delta Region, Dekalb Genuity seeds are treated with advanced technology to protect corn from three harmful insect species, including ostrinia nubilalis, heliothis armigera hubner, and spodoptera litura. With these plants, farmers do not need to spray pesticides five times during the season, which helps cut pesticide expenses by around VND2 million per 1000 square metres.

Besides resistance to insects, Dekalb Genuity seeds are also herbicide-resistant, so farmers can spray glyphosate-based herbicides (only one treatment required). ­When weeds are 10 centimetres tall and cover 25 per cent of a corn field, farmers can spray Maxer 660SC herbicide to effectively eliminate different types of weed.

Furthermore, new-generation corn plants consistently produce higher yields, as they are planted all year round. DK6919S corn seeds can be planted during both the sunny and the rainy seasons, while DK9955S corn seeds are mostly suitable for the rainy season.

A farmer in Tan Chau town told VIR that, “Our lives have been improved since we began the cultivation of Dekalb Genuity corn. It helps save costs for pesticides and labour, while increasing the yield by 1-1.2 tonnes per hectare. In the future, we will expand the acreage of new-generation corn to one hectare.”

To provide Vietnamese farmers better access to new-generation corn, Dekalb Vietnam has recently adjusted the price of Dekalb Genuity seeds, a kilogramme of which is now only VND20,000 ($0.88) more expensive than normal seeds. The cultivation of new corn plants has been spreading in the Mekong Delta region, with more than 50 per cent of corn farmers growing Dekalb Genuity seeds.

Trac commented that local farmers have recognised the value of new-generation corn, which generates higher profit, and reduces production costs. As a result, the Mekong Delta has recorded the highest adoption rate of the new corn plants in Vietnam, surpassing the company’s expectations.

By By Thanh Van

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