Alpha King opens The Sense sale centre in Ho Chi Minh City

13:01 | 12/01/2019
Alpha King Real Estate Development on January 11 officially launched its Sales Operation Centre (SOC) and cultural hub called The Sense.

The Sense will serve as a platform for the company to introduce its model housing units of Alpha City and its upcoming project – the Centennial.

On top of that, visitors at the Sense can also immerse themselves in unique cultural experiences with a series of events, exhibitions and performances led by the Master of Senses.

At the launching event, Alpha King has signed a partnership agreement with Kiwi Media, a media company of global reach, and appointed its chairman Kim Hyung Suk as The Sense’s ambassador.

Speaking as the Master of Culture at The Sense, Kim Hyung Suk (Kim) said that he was delighted with the partnership between Kiwi Media and Alpha King.

alpha king opens the sense sale centre in ho chi minh city
Alpha King signing the partnership with Kiwi Media and appointed its chairman Kim Hyung Suk as The Sense’s ambassador

“I am also proud to be an ambassador of The Sense to bring the best experience through music to people. My passion is to create and bring music closer to everyone. That is why I always look for diversity, especially cultural diversity, so that people can find themselves in my music,” Kim said.

Vietnam is an inspirational country with rich culture, and so is Ho Chi Minh City.

“I am excited to be here, to explore the beauty of your culture and exchange cultural values of different countries in the world that I have had the chance to visit. Here, in this Vietnamese lotus-shaped building, you can expect more diversified performances to come,” Kim added.

According to Jimmy Chan, CEO of Alpha King, the partnership with Kim and Kiwi Media will enrich cultural experiences at The Sense.

“At Alpha King, we believe we can redefine luxury living and lay down the foundations for a world-class city in Ho Chi Minh City. As a developer, we do not only build buildings or shopping centres, but a home, a community, where people can communicate, share, and enjoy life. The Sense will respectfully serve the community and introduce new lifestyle possibilities to different generations. We hope that through the cooperation with the Master of Senses, we can introduce a higher level of splendid experiences to honoured guests and future owners of Alpha King luxury residential projects. Hopefully, Vietnamese people will love the diversity in different areas at The Sense,” said Chan.

alpha king opens the sense sale centre in ho chi minh city
Endless events, exhibitions, and cultural activities performed by talented Korean artists await visitors to The Sense

Kim will be the Master of Culture to introduce outstanding cultural activities at The Sense.

The Sense has a total area of more than 2,661 square metres with three floors. Located at historic Ba Son, the design of The Sense is inspired by the shape of the lotus flower, a symbol of purity and the national flower of Vietnam.

Meanwhile, the name itself conveys the building’s main purpose – a cultural hub where all senses will be awakened by true experiences. This meaning is also the inspiration for ambassador Kim to compose the theme song for The Sense, named The Sense Waltz.

Kim is the greatest living composer in Korea today. He has personally composed more than 1,220 songs and the OST of well-known movies, such as My New Sassy Girl.

His song “M. President” is dedicated to Korean President, Moon Jae In. His achievements make him by far the most prolific composer in Korea. The current chairman of Kiwi Media has trained over 200 K-Pop stars and is now a tutor of several talented young singers. During his career, Kim has greatly contributed to progress in the fields of music and popular culture, both in Korea and abroad.

The partnership between Alpha King and Kiwi Media is an open road to cultural exchange, which diversifies experiences for visitors of The Sense. The Sense will be a place to introduce Vietnamese culture to Korean friends and a place for Korean artists to showcase their talent. GWSN, a new debut girl group under Kiwi Media Group, will be the kickstart. They will join Alpha King’s promotion activities in the upcoming years.

alpha king opens the sense sale centre in ho chi minh city
GWSN, a new girl group under Kiwi Media Group, will join Alpha King’s promotion activities in upcoming years

By Bich Ngoc

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