AirX Coffee Face Masks introduced to Vietnamese consumers

19:05 | 07/04/2020
Shoe X, the brand behind sustainable shoes made from coffee granules and plastic cups, has recently launched AirX Coffee Face Mask to help fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and protect the environment.
airx coffee face masks introduced to vietnamese consumers
AirX Coffee Face Masks are sustainable, antimicrobial and fashionable

The disposal of face masks and medical waste during the COVID-19 pandemic is putting increasing pressure on the environment. Therefore, AirX – the world’s first face masks made from coffee, have been developed by ShoeX to tackle this problem.

AirX are antimicrobial face masks with two protective layers. The first layer is woven from coffee fibres using PowerKnit technology. The face masks have a biodegradable membrane inside, which is developed by silver nanotechnology in combination with coffee. The face mask is washable and reusable while the filter does not need to be washed but can be replaced after 30 days. AirX has obtained the AATCC 100 certification from QUATEST 3. AATCC 100 is the textile industry's standard for antimicrobial fabric performance in the US.

The company uses three-layer packaging for each face mask to ensure maximum disinfection function of the membrane filter with silver nanoparticles. Also, the natural coffee aroma of AirX makes people feel more relaxed and comfortable when wearing the face masks.

With a FlexKnit design, AirX covers the entire nose and mouth but it is still soothing to the skin and completely non-irritating. With a wide selection of coluors, AirX coffee face masks are fashionable and elegant for both men and women.

Thanh Le, owner of AirX, is upbeat about the future of sustainable products such as AirX Coffee Face Mask. In Vietnam, the younger generation are paying more attention to sustainable living. They start to use personal cups when they buy coffee, go shopping with cloth bags, and use paper straws.

“People want to experience modern and comfortable living, but in return, are placing huge pressure on the environment. Therefore, my colleagues and I will constantly research to come up with useful solutions. Following AirX, we will launch more advanced technologies to ensure the health of consumers, including children and people working in healthcare,” he added.

airx coffee face masks introduced to vietnamese consumers
AirX are antimicrobial face masks come with two protective layers
airx coffee face masks introduced to vietnamese consumers
With a wide selection of colours, AirX coffee face masks are fashionable and elegant for both men and women

By Thanh Van

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