A checklist for an effective job ad

10:44 | 17/11/2014
There have been times when my colleagues and I at Navigos Search  have posted a job online, and have been completely puzzled at the lack of responses. Since we have access to a comprehensive database, we know that there are candidates out there that fit the profile. So, that brings us to the question - why the lack of response? At moments like these, we are prompted to revisit our job ad and check for the following.

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- Wisely chosen keywords

It’s best to include multiple keywords in the job description to ensure maximum coverage. For example, while searching for an accountant, use keywords like, “accountant, finance professional, ACCA, CPA”. As for the job title, make sure it is actually searched by job seekers. “Marketing Star” is not an effective job title. It would be better to stay with “Marketing Executive.”

- Small yet vital perks

Tiny and intangible perks often differentiate one employer from another. Besides traditional benefits like healthcare and pensions, consider including information about health club or sports memberships, company family and friendly leave policies.

- Short and concise content

Since the job ad space is limited, optimal utilisation is extremely important. Take time to create categories, and use bullets to list out skill sets, responsibilities and company benefits. Make the job posting short and precise so that job seekers can immediately identify their levels of suitability.

- Company logo and branding

Include your company logo in your job ad to gain recognition from job seekers. Recent studies show that job postings accompanied by recruitment videos, and allowing candidates to picture clearly what it’s like to work in the recruiting organisations, tend to get 50 per cent more applications than traditional job postings that use only text.

- Salary information

Providing a salary range as a part of the job posting is a global best practice currently followed by the most discerning organisations. We recommend that you keep the range broad, to ensure that you do not filter out potential candidates who might be a little above or below the range.

Source: www.navigossearch.com, contact@navigossearch.com

What the stars mean:

★ Poor ★ ★ Promising ★★★ Good ★★★★ Very good ★★★★★ Exceptional

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