5 Misconceptions about managing introverted employees

09:34 | 01/12/2014
The tendency toward looking inward and comparing options carefully is a great asset in business, which introverts are better suited to do. Not knowing how your introvert workers are doing could cost you a lot. Below are five misconceptions about managing introverts that should be dispelled.

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1.They have nothing to say. Introverts are less likely to share their thoughts. If you want to know how their projects are progressing, send them an e-mail or set up a weekly “touch base” meeting so that they can comfortably reflect on their work.

2. They give quick response. Introverts need time to think and process information while being far from the crowd, they “recharge” by spending time on their own. As such, they tend not to give solutions to problems at the drop of a hat. Rather, they crave for periods of solitude to be more creative, and more productive.

3. They hate team work. Introverts are not against team-work, they would rather contribute on their own terms. Giving your introverted employees time to think and gather their thoughts enables them to come up with original ideas and innovation. Prior to meetings, be sure to give them a clear agenda so that they can prepare and present ideas well. Remember to make room for them to raise their voice.

4. They enjoy open office. An open office has always been utilised as a way to raise employee morale. But not all employees enjoy working in such an atmosphere. Introverted employees work more effectively in a quiet and separated space, since they are easily tired out by prolonged interactions with people. Remember to provide a quiet space for your introverted employees to retreat for a few minutes before getting back to work.

5. They can’t be leaders. This is totally wrong. Surveys have shown that introverts are more open to differences than extroverts. During conversations, they do not rule or monopolise, instead they give room for colleagues to express their ideas, which helps them make more informed decisions than their extroverted counterparts.

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