19 enterprises in Hanoi have been dodging taxes for 2-3 years

09:00 | 12/05/2018
On the Hanoi Tax Department’s list of 143 debtors in May 2018, 19 enterprises owed VND195 billion ($8.59-million) in taxes since 2015 and 2016.
19 enterprises in hanoi have been dodging taxes for 2 3 years
143 enterprises in Hanoi owe tax or land rental fees. Photo: Vneconomy

The Hanoi Tax Department has just announced the list of enterprises owing tax and land fees. Accordingly, 143 enterprises have been rolling a total of VND253 billion ($11.1 million) in debts.

The list contains eight enterprises owing a total VND17 billion ($749,000) in land rental fees, including more than VND10 billion ($440,528) from Hong Ha Building Materials Import-Export JSC.

Besides, 135 other enterprises owed over VND235 billion ($10.35 million) in taxes, with the three biggest debtors being PIV JSC ($251,101), Trinh An-Viwaseen Investment and Construction JSC ($145,374), and House Building and Investment JSC ($132,158).

During the year’s first four months, the Hanoi Tax Department announced that 427 enterprises owed VND1.061 trillion ($46.74 million) in taxes and land rental fees. To date, 109 enterprises paid VND18 billion ($792,951) of this.

On the other hand, not every enterprise has been so accommodating of the authorities requests. The Tax Department’s list includes 19 enterprises that have not paid any kind of tax for 2-3 years now.

This and other concerning issues around tax and fee collection has led the Hanoi People’s Committee to establish a steering committee. The body is designed as a more effective and stricter body that would work to recover tax debts and land rent fees. The body is managed by Deputy Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee Nguyen Doan Toan.

The 19 enterprises that have not paid any kind of tax since 2015 and 2016

STT Tax Code Enterprise name Total tax debts
1 0101437741 Song Da No 9.06 JSC $1.74 million
2 0102137162 Electricity Water Machine Assembling No.1 JSC $1.6 million
3 0101463607 Infrastructure Investment and Business One Member Ltd. $1 million
4 0100863673 Traffic Work Construction No 892 One Member Ltd. $999,471
5 0100108769 Traffic Work Construction No 892 JSC


6 5400240573 Song Da Mechanical-Assembling JSC $657,400
7 2900325420 CIENCO 875 JSC $636,607
8 0100100368026 General Import-Export Trading Business $508,722
9 0102755874 Viet My Development JSC $223,215
10 0101389921 Asia Trading and Technology JSC $60,660
11 0104629709 Construction and Material Equipment Trading No 27 One Member Ltd. $37,136
12 0101656398 Vietnam Organic Agriculture Co., Ltd. $23,436
13 0500564318 Giang Anh Trading and Services Co., Ltd. $19,647
14 0104953198 Minh Hang Construction and Trading JSC $17,929
15 0106080069 Vietnam Marecorp Construction and Maintainance JSC $17,797
16 2400369451002 Hong Hai Trading and Investment JSC (branch in Hanoi) $17,136
17 0105809648 Thang Long Trading Material Equipment JSC $13,832
18 0101864912 An Binh Technology Development and Construction Co., Ltd. $7,180
19 0104630694 Han Viet Mechanical Development JSC $6,167

By Van Anh

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