15 great no-cost ways to supercharge your employees

08:04 | 11/08/2014
You don’t need to spend a bundle of cash to motivate employees to do great things. Just apply some simple but effective leadership practices.

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Try the following no-cost ways to supercharge your employees’ morale and performance. You (and your customers) may be surprised at what a difference they make.

1. Don’t just tell your employees what to do, explain why they should do it. (And while you’re at it, make sure the reasons are good ones!)

2. Provide employees with prompt and candid feedback on their performance. (If improvements are needed, help them understand what they need to do to improve.)

3. Catch your employees doing something right. (And praise them when you do.)

4. Ask your employees what you can do to improve your business. (And implement their suggestions whenever it makes sense to do so.)

5. Really listen to what your employees have to say. (Show your sincere interest by focusing your full attention on your people when they are talking to you.)

6. Ask your employees, “What’s one thing I can do better for you this month?” (And then tell them one thing they can do better for you that month.)

7. Assign small projects to your employees that require them to learn new tasks and grow within their roles. (Serving on a task force to deal with a pressing business problem or presenting a proposal to top management are just two possible options.)

8. Rotate team leadership positions among all members of the team. (Provide all employees with leadership training so they are prepared to lead.)

9. Don’t punish employees when they try something and fail. (Instead, help them learn lessons that will help them succeed the next time.)

10. Open your books to employees. (When employees know how what they do at work contributes to the bottom line, they will do more of it.)

11. Communicate a long-range vision for your company. (Make sure it’s inspiring and clearly stated.)

12. Share customer letters and email messages of complaint and praise with all employees. (And do it promptly and regularly.)

13.  Expect perfection. (But accept excellence.)

14. Always treat your employees with dignity and respect. (Just as you yourself want and expect to be treated.)

15. Allow your people to be great. (You have the power to let your employees be great, or to shut them down.)

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