14 volunteer divers clean Nha Trang seabed

10:10 | 15/04/2013
After 2 hours of diving and working underwater in Nha Trang, the volunteer divers who took part in “Green Sunday for Seabed Cleaning” collected 15 large bags of rubbish.

Most of the volunteers were from the southern coastal cities of Nha Trang and Phan Thiet and Ho Chi Minh City.

All volunteers had to pay for expenses related to their work but all were very happy.

The rubbish included used fishing nets, plastic items and sacks, among other things.

The event was organized after many local divers heard complaints from foreign visitors that the sea of Nha Trang is very beautiful, but it still has a lot of rubbish.

The Nha Trang Fun Divers Club, which conducted the event, provided volunteer divers with scuba gear, diving equipment and boats to travel from the seashore to the rubbish collection site. 

Hamit Arslan, director of the club, said, “We wanted to do this a long time ago but we didn't have enough manpower. So I highly appreciate and welcome the efforts of volunteers and I hope such an event is maintained in the future.”

“When I was studying in Australia, I was the chairman of the divers’ club in my university there. My classmates and I would clean the sea bed for the sake of environmental protection. Now I have returned to Vietnam and I want to do the same for my homeland,” said Pham Duy Nhan, 22, a diving trainer.

Tran Ngoc Anh, chairman of the Bạn Lặn Việt (Viet Divers) Club, said, “We love diving and we are very sad that the sea paradise is deteriorating more and more. In order to attract more people who love diving, we must first protect the sea environment. I hope the sea bed cleaning will be conducted once every three months.”

Viet Divers had contacted many divers to encourage them to take part in the environmentally-friendly event.


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