talk like a leader Talk like a leader

11:33 | 22/07/2013

One of the most challenging aspects of leadership is communicating with important people in a wide variety of roles.

why is the first day on the job often the worst Why is the first day on the job often the worst?

15:16 | 24/06/2013

New employees tend to be greeted with stacks of benefits paperwork, technology hassles and dull presentations about company culture.

local firms are weary of foreign investment Local firms are weary of foreign investment

By By Ronald Parks 14:14 | 24/06/2013

The jury is out on whether new regulations will get the retail market moving.

every leader may not be a manager but every manager should be a leader Every leader may not be a manager, but every manager should be a leader

12:13 | 17/06/2013

It’s easy to see that leadership and management aren’t the same thing, but a manager who lacks effective leadership traits ...

hiring mistake the fast food hire Hiring Mistake: The “Fast-Food” Hire

11:03 | 11/06/2013

If you want to make a great hire, do yourself a favour: don’t fall in love with the first person ...

which behaviors must leaders avoid Which Behaviors Must Leaders Avoid?

09:56 | 05/06/2013

If you want to empower, engage, or motivate others, don’t just focus on increasing your positive behaviors. Pay attention to ...

stand up for your team Stand up for Your Team

15:09 | 28/05/2013

Sometimes employees make mistakes. If they don’t make at least some mistakes, they aren’t trying hard enough.

success reacting slowly and deliberately Success - Reacting Slowly and Deliberately

13:33 | 20/05/2013

The best leaders to work with are the ones that know when they should wait and when they should respond ...

from manager to leader From Manager to Leader

10:48 | 14/05/2013

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you. There’s a difference between managers and leaders.

ldentifying potential leaders ldentifying potential leaders

10:54 | 08/05/2013

One of the most difficult, yet most fulfilling tasks a leader faces is the task of developing new leaders.

how to cultivate your teams confidence How to Cultivate your Team’s Confidence

11:47 | 01/05/2013

As a leader you need to cultivate and build your team’s confidence.

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