trump ignites trade war with china triggering swift retaliation Trump ignites trade war with China, triggering swift retaliation

08:00 | 16/06/2018

US President Donald Trump on Friday (Jun 15) ignited his trade war with China, slapping tariffs on tens of billions in Chinese imports and sparking immediate retaliation from Beijing.

hong kong police smash world cup gambling ring seize us 99 million bets Hong Kong police smash World Cup gambling ring, seize US$9.9 million bets

12:10 | 15/06/2018

Hong Kong police have smashed a football gambling ring and seized bets worth HK$78 million (US$9.9 million) in a crackdown ...

major us military exercises with south korea suspended indefinitely Major US military exercises with South Korea 'suspended indefinitely'

08:59 | 15/06/2018

The US military has indefinitely postponed major joint exercises with South Korea, an official told AFP on Thursday (Jun 14), ...

britain mourns victims of grenfell fire tragedy Britain mourns victims of Grenfell fire tragedy

08:53 | 15/06/2018

Green scarves, white roses: the community surrounding Grenfell Tower, the west London building ravaged by fire, united around shared symbols ...

nasa astronauts install high def cameras during spacewalk NASA astronauts install high-def cameras during spacewalk

08:49 | 15/06/2018

Two US space walkers on Thursday (Jun 14) outfitted the International Space Station with a pair of new high-definition video ...

world can sleep well after north korea summit trump says World can 'sleep well' after North Korea summit, Trump says

09:41 | 14/06/2018

A jubilant-sounding President Donald Trump declared on Wednesday (Jun 13) that his "deal" with Kim Jong Un has ended the ...

italy france tensions spiral over rejected migrant ship Italy, France tensions spiral over rejected migrant ship

09:22 | 14/06/2018

Italy postponed high-level talks with France on Wednesday (Jun 13) after Paris branded Rome irresponsible for refusing to take in ...

blackout in crimea after incident at russian power station Blackout in Crimea after incident at Russian power station

09:01 | 14/06/2018

Crimea was completely without electricity on Wednesday (Jun 13) following an incident at a power station in Russia, authorities in ...

eu countries to probe poland over rule of law EU countries to probe Poland over rule of law

08:51 | 14/06/2018

Poland has failed to allay fears that it is undermining judicial independence, the European Commission said Wednesday, calling for a ...

italy economy minister cancels paris meeting over migrant spat Italy economy minister cancels Paris meeting over migrant spat

08:00 | 14/06/2018

Italy's Economy Minister Giovanni Tria cancelled a meeting with his French counterpart in Paris on Wednesday (Jun 13) as a ...

australia court paves way for google underworld defamation case Australia court paves way for Google 'underworld' defamation case

15:16 | 13/06/2018

A court cleared the way for a rare defamation action against Google on Wednesday (Jun 13) after a man claimed ...

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