We found heaven in Van Phong Bay

08:46 | 16/05/2012
I fancied a short break with my wife to get away from it all and enjoy the quieter aspects of life.

I had spoken to a friend who recommended we go to a resort in the untouched area of Doc Let beach in Van Phong Bay, which is located about 60 kilometers north of Nha Trang.

And from the moment we arrived we vowed to take him for dinner once we got back to Saigon. Marvelous. We stayed in a cracking bungalow which is airy and simple with plenty of space.

The furniture inside was very interesting such as a curtain made of tiny stones and a wardrobe area created by hanging long silk sheets and most of the furniture is made of wood, stones and silk which really made us feel rustic and classy.

We enjoyed every moment of our trip. The resort is located right on the blue ocean and is so remote, hemmed in by the sea on one side and coastal mountains on the other that we felt we were the only ones there. Not quite but it was a great feeling.

One morning we got up early and went to the Cai River and we had great fun. We hired a boat to cruise around the river to watch the villages and limestone karsts and isles. Wonderful.

During the trip, we stopped at one islet to drink coconut juice and spoke to a local family who invited us into their house.

They made coconut candy and rice paper and told us how they raised bees.

We came back to the resort at noon and had lunch at its very nice restaurant before taking a short nap and then went to a meditation class at the resort which is run by American Robert Wilson who has been living in Doc Let for four years.

It was so relaxing and enjoyable. The classroom had a Zen-like atmosphere with the Buddhist statues, white silk lanterns and bamboo curtains. It looked more like a monastery than anything else and the meditation really helped me feel so relaxed, I let go of my obsessions and disturbing thoughts and felt great.

At the end of the lesson I looked around to observe the people around me and I spoke to some more Americans who come to Vietnam to travel and de-stress as life in the U.S. was getting them down.

The next day it was time to go but we were saddened to leave. I think for certain we will be back as soon as possible to our little piece of heaven.

To reach the resort on Doc Let beach you can take a one hour taxi or bus ride from Nha Trang City or be bold and hire a motorbike for a 45 minute ride.


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