TUV Rheinland & DEG light up programme

TUV Rheinland Vietnam and DEG Germany, in partnership with ASSIST, a non-government technical consultation organisation from the Philippines, have announced a structured programme to help enhance competitiveness for local small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in agro-diary product industries.
Agro-diary product industry players are working hard to make the sector more competitive

The 14-month programme known as SAFE (Structured programme to Achieve Food safety Excellence in Vietnam) started in March, 2011 to create a broad impact on the agro and dairy food safety and hygiene awareness. It will provide participants with awareness campaigns, forums, trainings and certification programmes, as well as updates about safety and hygiene standards from the EU, US and Japan.

A “train the trainer” initiative will also be applied at a later stages of the project to build local capability and create a multiplier effect. Dialogue sessions with policy makers and representatives of multi stakeholder group will also be conducted with the aim of reviewing the gaps and making possible changes to support SMEs in agro-dairy product industries in adopting international safety and quality standards/best practices.

Importantly, participants will be also equipped with food quality management tool kits in accordance with ISO 22000, GAP, HACCP as well as other common standards in general food processing industries.

There will be also a website to create an interactive platform for target industries to get updated information on the entire supply chain in the country as well as safety requirements of Vietnam’s main export markets.

According to TUV Rheinland Vietnam, the programme partners have conducted a market research, which reveals that agro products play an important part in the country’s entire economy. That’s why SAFE programme is conducted aiming at increasing Vietnamese agro-diary products’ world market competitiveness.

The programme is expected to further bridge Vietnam-made products with global consumers as well as better protect their health.

In May, TUV Rheinland Vietnam will conduct four seminars to propagandise the programme and registration procedures. Entering Vietnam in 2001, TUV Rheinland, besides focusing on its core services, started conducting many programmes to improve production competitiveness of Vietnamese SMEs in many sectors and industries thanks to DEG’s funds since 2003.

The company recently completed a project called “Comprehensive Corporate sustainable management programme” aiming to assist local SMEs in chemical, textile, dying and footwear industries to apply integrated management systems towards environment protection, work safety and CSR.

Source vir.com.vn