Top ten international events in 2012

The year of 2012 has passed with a large number of remarkable events across the world. The People’s Army Newspaper selected the top ten international events in 2012, as follows:

Democrat’s presidential candidate, Mr. B. Obama, has been re-elected as the US President.

The 18th Chinese Communist Party Congress took place in November. The meeting witnessed the handover of power in the Party when Vice State President Xi Jinping was elected as the Chinese Party General Secretary.

Violence in Syria escalated but neither of the Governmental force and rebels could gain the absolute advantage in the battlefield. While the West increased pressures on the Bashar Al Assad Government, Russia and China did not change their policies towards Syria in the UN Security Council.

Clashes between the Israel Army and Hamas force killed hundreds of people. The situation was then ended with a truce signed between the two sides after the efforts of the USA and Egypt as mediators. This made Egypt become a prestigious mediator in the Middle East while the country was still struggling with a domestic political crisis involved in its new Constitution.

Dispute between China and Japan over a group of islands called Senkaku by the Japanese and DiaoYu by the Chinese heated up the atmosphere in the East China Sea.

Europe, especially the Euro zone, continued to struggle with a serious crisis of the public debt. It could be said that the “virus” of the public debt spread across the Euro Zone, which continued to deteriorate the old “patients” of Greece, Portugal and Spain and shook even the Euro Zone’s two largest economies of France and Germany. This seriously challenged the unity of the Euro Zone.

Mr. V. Putin returned to Kremlin for the third term of office after having won the Russian Presidential Elections, while Mr. D. Medvedev came back his old post of the Russian Prime Minister after led the country as the President for one term of office.

Early in December, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea successfully launched a satellite into a spatial orbit after the failure of its similar launch in April. While North Korea asserted the launch for scientific purposes and others believed it was a ballistic missile testing. This move put both the Republic of Korea and Japan on full alert.
The UN officially granted the non-member state observer status to Palestine despite strong protests from the USA and Israel. This was a big step forwards of the Palestinians in its long-time struggle for the foundation of their own independent State.

Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc in the eastern coastal areas of the USA in October. It killed hundreds of people, destroyed a large number of infrastructural projects and homes and badly affected lives of millions of people. The hurricane caused a loss of billions of dollars.

Source QĐND