speedy reforms key to fdi rise foreign experts Speedy reforms key to FDI rise: foreign experts

By Ngoc Son 17:43 | 09/09/2003

FOREIGN analysts have once again urged the Vietnamese government to quicken the pace of investment reform to help draw in much-needed foreign direct investment (FDI).

developers flag deadline worries at key port project Developers flag deadline worries at key port project

By Mai Linh 17:37 | 11/08/2008

Port developers are warning of construction delays at port projects in Cai Mep-Thi Vai area, which is set to become ...

Sports betting’s roll of the dice

By Hoang Mai 17:37 | 04/08/2008

Betting on specific sports will soon become legal in Vietnam, but operations must be kept under strict state management.

mpi to open its ears further to foreign investor concerns MPI to open its ears further to foreign investor concerns

By Hoang Mai 17:37 | 14/07/2008

The Ministry of Planning and Investment is to hold regular open talks with foreign investors to accelerate foreign direct investment ...

Brighter economic outlook

By Hoang Mai 17:37 | 30/06/2008

Economists are optimistic with Vietnam’s economic growth even as rising inflation takes a bite out of gains made over the ...

strikers to be hit by costs for Strikers to be hit by costs for

By Hieu Anh 17:37 | 16/06/2008

Workers and groups engaged in what are judged by courts as illegal strikes must now compensate employers.

time to take stock of investment progress Time to take stock of investment progress

By vir 17:37 | 26/05/2008

A situation analysis is critical for Vietnam to boost foreign direct investment, according to senior government officials.

Interest rate cap is axed oved, new

By Vu Giang 17:37 | 19/05/2008

The State Bank has officially abolished the interest rate cap put in place since late February, 2008. However, financial experts ...

Larger projects divulge resources risks

By Trung Hung 17:37 | 28/04/2008

More foreign direct investment capital is expected to flow into Vietnam but larger projects also bring bigger challenges to the ...

Relief is in sight for disgruntled firms

17:37 | 21/04/2008

Foreign-invested enterprises’ frustration over the “one single-licenced distributor” issue is set to end. The Ministry of Industry ...

Foreign apartment purchase details revealed

By Duc Minh 17:37 | 14/04/2008

Foreigners and foreign-invested enterprises are poised be able to own an apartment for up to 70 years at a time. ...

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