Titlis drums up Swiss attractions

Tobias Matter, sales director of Swiss hospitality services firm Titlis Glacier Mountain, is touring cities of Vietnam to promote Mount Titlis and other attractions in the Engelberg region in central Switzerland.
Tobias Matter (C) of Titlis Glacier Mountain chats with representatives of travel fi rms in HCMC on Thursday

Switzerland remained new to Vietnamese vacationers but the number of visitors from this ASEAN country to Engelberg-Titlis sites had reached a good level, according to Matter. Titlis is the highest glacier excursion place as well as a ski and snowboard paradise in central Switzerland.

“We receive around 3,000-4,000 a year,” Matter told the Daily before he met with representatives of travel firms in HCMC on Thursday.

At the meeting, Matter showed a slew of winter and summer activities for Vietnamese holidaymakers, including sitting on rotating cable cars and Ice Flyers to view the landscape of central Switzerland, skiing, snowboarding, exploring glacier grottos, rowing, scooter biking, rock climbing.

Matter said Titlis Glacier Mountain offered a selection of special packages to meet the need of Asian guests, including those from Vietnam. He said that it was easy for tourists to travel to Engelberg from Germany, Italy and France.

Blue Sky Travel as partner of Titlis Glacier Mountain in Vietnam told the Daily that it had tours for Vietnamese to visit Mount Titlis and other spots in Switzerland. These include are an eight-day package tour worth over $3,800 per person and ‘free and easy’ tours from $1,409 with transportation tickets for eight consecutive days and $1,280 with tickets for four days.

Source SGT